The Feminine Path- Part I

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A Seven-Step Personal Transformation


Greetings and thank you for the purchase of my Chap-book. I am a Sesheta, Cultural Transformation Catalyst, and Poet. The goal of this Chap-book is to empower a new generation of Womanist Leaders who lead through the Feminine Form.

This Chap-book will explore, through Poetry and Talk, a source of Feminine Power and the Essence of what it means to be a Black Woman in the Twenty-First Century.

My hope is that the reader begins to embody her Feminine Essence as a source of power and heal the wounds of her Emotional Body. This will take you on an internal journey and to the heart of what really matters to you.

As women, we are heirs to a grand mission, that of reconstructing society in the Twenty-First Century. Who is better acclimated to shape society than we women? It is a courageous endeavor that compels women to become leaders in the sector of society we find ourselves in.

But there are challenges we will face in the reconstruction of a genuine self. First, we carry a double burden, one is caring for the family, and the other is discrimination in the workplace. These two challenges hamper the process of personal transformation. Personal transformation demands that one find a place of quiet and serenity from which to contemplate life and the choices that were made and the decisions that have to be made in the future.

To address these challenges, I created the Womanist Empowerment Series and this Chap-Book. This book is for the Woman, who wants to discover an organic source of power which is fundamentally different than masculine power. It is Feminine Power, an organic energy source that transforms and empowers, not control and dominate.

Feeling shut out of Main Stream America, I searched for a way to honor my most creative ideas. The Seven Steps to Personal Transformation were the result. The Steps are part autobiographical, and part Buddhist Psychology sprinkled with wisdom gained through over twenty years in public education and twenty-seven years as practicing member of Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism.

Furthermore, the coming age is one of the Transformations which necessitates that Women be instrumental in co-creating a “Culture of Healing”, that is vital for the survival of all people on the earth. It is healing that is more about letting go of the things that cause us to suffer. Pain is an inevitable part of the human condition. On the other hand, suffering is a choice.

Another important aspect to develop in this, “Age of Transformation”, is Feminine Intuition. It is a deep knowing that will help you to learn the ways of the Storytelling Mind. The Mind loves stories, especially the ones it tells itself. Perhaps an adult unknowingly passed on a story for you. Or, you may have been ascribed to a story in your family and as a member of society. You can decide whether you want to continue to live that story or create a New Story that will transform your life. This Chap-Book will assist you with your Personal Transformation.

We Black Women lost an important connection to our traditional way of life. To gain that reconnection we must first acknowledge the inherent problems we have faced living in America.

The Black Woman’ mental health has been pushed to the rear. Our main concern has been to take care of the family and children which negated discovering a personal identity.

Thus our communities, families and ultimately the world have suffered tremendously.

To help you reconnect with your feminine intuition and utilize this Chap Book to its intended use, a webinar is planned for the summer of 2016 which will help assist you in the implementation of the Seven Steps.

One component of the Seven Steps is Mindfulness. Mindfulness is attentiveness to the presents and what is happening in your body, mind and spirit.

Mindfulness allows you the introspection to realize how important it is to encounter life as it is instead of how you think it should be. This will assist you in experiencing the unchanging nature of the Mind.

Through the practice of mindfulness, you will discover a greater purpose for your life as you awaken, nurture, and enhance the feminine gifts of intuition and second sight.

This Chap-Book also addresses the need for authentic leadership models for young women and the consequence of failing to fulfill one’s role in life. Readers will learn how to heal the heart and empower the Feminine Aspect of life and develop unique leadership skills.

As you read the series of Chap-Books, you will have the opportunity to adopt a feminine archetype for personal and professional success. The most important issue the book will address is the Social Status of Women and the role we will play in the Twenty-First Century


My Internal Life

When you observe your experiences without judgement or expectations you are practicing Mindfulness. You are open and receptive with an expanded awareness. Mindfulness also brings protection from suffering and has the power to bring balance, perspective and freedom to your life.

If you are unaware of what is unseen in your experience you will respond out of habit and suffer. Yes, there is danger and there is pain. This is a part of life and what we call, “The Human Experience.

To live is to experience hurt and pain. On the other hand, at most suffering stems from ignorance. You can accept this as fact and a part of life and live with a sense of happiness and freedom or reject it and suffer.

You can learn to trust this practice of mindfulness as you enter the difficulties of your day. There are four principles of mindfulness if used have the ability totransform your personal experiences.

The first principle of Mindfulness is, (1) Recognize what you are experiencing , (2) Accept what is happening (3) Conduct an investigation into where you are feeling discomfort in your body and what your thoughts are around the experience.  (4) Do not identify with what is happening.

You will use these principles any time you want to investigate the root cause of your pain or suffering that you want to transform. You will investigate the way your body responds, the feelings you are having, and your thoughts around the environment that brings on the experience.

We are so accustomed to running on autopilot. Moreover, at any time you can observe your actions to determine if you are responding out of habit and whether your response brings you closer to obtaining your goals and values.

At this current moment, I am writing on my computer. My mind is engaged in the action. As my fingers strike the keys my eyes see the words appear on the page. I am in a classroom with about fifteen students. Some are finishing their math assignment while others work on a computer program.

One student walks up to me and asks, “What is the answer to this problem?” I tell her how to figure it out, but not the answer. I am fully conscious of my breath as it comes in and goes out my nostrils.

I am at ease in this environment. I have been here many times before. I wear a jacket, even though the temperature is quite mild. It was colder earlier in the day. I knew to bring a jacket because the classroom temperature changes throughout the day.

My job as a substitute is an adventure. Some days I do not know what to expect, oftentimes I do. It is the nature of my occupation to be in this environment with children and be the authority figure.

Some children reject this title and tell me I am just a substitute. I am not sure how they see me. Just lately, I have begun to tell students, Substitute does not define me. It is a label and I am much more than a sub. I tell them I have been teaching longer than they have been alive.

I want them to see me as a person first, and not use a label to define me and treat me in a way that is demeaning. I want them to know that a label places people in boxes they may not wish to be in.

I have taught in Pinellas County Public Schools for about seven years. Most children I have taught before. They know who I am and have been in class with me and know what to expect.

They often asked me if I have been to their school. Some students are helpful and quite pleasant. After twenty years, I am comfortable with the diverse background of children I am in class with. I tell them what my expectations are and how we are going to make it through the day.

I am mindfully aware that I come to the classroom environment with expectations of how I want the children to behave and treat me. Some children remark and say, I am mean. I question their judgement, am I?

I have little patience for disrespect and loud and obnoxious behavior. I am learning to go in the classroom with the intention of opening and embracing all children from diverse backgrounds and to leave my expectations out side of the classroom.


A Seven Step Personal Transformation

This is a pivotal moment in history. The world awaits the Creative Class. You are the one that can transform the world. We people who use our creative energy stirring within to create a business that will transform the world.

What type of transformation you might ask? A movement that leads us out of darkness, ignorance and fear into the light of truth, justice and creativity. We women can create new solutions to the world’s problems when we transform the heart.  Become a part of the leadership that transform the world.

We have been trying to change the world from the outside, trying to make it fit the image in our heads.  Instead,  change your life from within and like a mirror, the world reflects back.

Who better equipped to lead in this new “Age of Transformation,” The mothers, The Women, The Nurtures and Givers.  When you transform your heart and create Heart-Based Businesses then the world will experience a surge of new energy in the world.

That energy is the feminine spirit lying dormant in your life. I can help you get awaken the greatness in your life.  I have created a Feminine Transformational Leadership Project that will help you to grow and develop into a leader that will empower and transform the lives of the people on your team or in your company. Follow my Blog


Building a Strong Inner LIfe through Poetry & Talk, Chronicle the Black Woman's Rise, Empowered Woman, Healing Arts, My Internal Life, Spiritual Awakening

It was 1987 I had just graduated from the University of Louisville with a BS in Guidance/Counseling with no prospects for the future. I enrolled in Graduate school and continued my studies but soon my plan to spend my life studying at the University come to an end. I had to find a job.

My search for employment leads me to volunteer at the Crisis Center in Louisville, KY as a phone counselor. Soon thereafter, I came to realize how my environment mirrored my emotional and mental state. Oftentimes my pain and anger hid behind walls of shame and guilt.

I did manage to find a job as a Camp Counselor for emotionally disturbed girls, but it was in Brooksville, Florida  I left my daughter for over two years with her father’s family that would prove to be a costly mistake that at another time and post I will address.

The camp was in a wilderness setting. Living there afforded me the opportunity for enough quiet time to journal. It was there that I got in touch my own emotions scars whilst I helped the campers through their own problems using Reality Therapy.

Poetry was how I expressed my truth. It put me in touch with my deepest pain and my greatest joy. This was a pivotal point in my life that helped me to discover my passion for Education.

Realizing an Outward Sense of Purpose

I returned home after spending two and a half years in Florida. All I could think about was how I was going to open a program or a home for the emotionally disturbed girl. This never happened. I had to find a way to make a living, education opened to me. I also married the man of my dreams and spent five years in bliss, but this too failed to quiet my restless heart.

I had completed my studies in Louisville a few years prior at the School of Education but teaching was never on my radar. Suddenly I was in the education teaching in public schools. I invested over one hundred percent of my time and effort to make it work. It proved fruitless.

I was an elementary school teacher. Every year I changed classrooms trying to find my niche. I found no camaraderie with my peers or principal. However, there were bright moments in my nine years as a classroom teacher as my practice of Buddhism flourished.

It was within the Buddhist practice that I found meaning and a sense of purpose. I attended two Educational conferences in Florida. There I found a sense of hope. We discussed a renewed purpose for education. It was determined that the single most important factor in changing the world was the educator. This gave me confidence. I returned to school only to be met with resistance and a business as usual attitude.

Disillusionment and the Perfect Storm as I searched for Purpose and Meaning

What I found in education was the opposite of what I learned at the conferences. Education took on a new meaning. Teaching children to take a test was the purpose of education. Giving difficult teaching assignments to new teachers was the protocol. Making children wear uniforms during times of war and insisting on a nationalist agenda went against all that I thought was the purpose of education. This was not the place for me.

                            Two Thousand One was the Year of the Perfect Storm!

I walked away from my career as a teacher; from my marriage to the man that I always loved; and the faith organization where I had dedicated over fifteen years of my life.

Sitting at home looking for a way to express my grief, poetry and writing open the floodgates to my sorrow. It would flow for many years. Stories, articles, and poetry found its’ way on empty pages. Still, I did not have a way to find meaning and purpose for my life. This would begin another search but I would be more focused and inner-directed.

Realizing an Authentic Sense of Purpose

Thirteen years later, my Blog and now this book I am writing expresses my deepest hope for humanity. I write to express my Humanity and to restore my Emotional and Mental Wellbeing. Writing helps me to make sense of the world. Book Talks are how I will continue with my love for teaching.

I write to reconstruct my life. Writing helped me to discover the Seven Keys to Life. The Keys are a PANACEA for achieving Optimum Emotional and Mental Wellbeing. This is how I will make a difference in the world and fulfill my highest potential as a Human Being.


A Seven Step Personal Transformation, Transformational Leadership Project

I called in to my principal and asked for a day off work. I just needed another day to settle in and unpack a few more boxes. I had just moved that weekend. She let me have the day off but the next day something had changed. All of a sudden, she began to watch me closely. She would come into my classroom during the pledge. I stood but usually did not participate.  She planned an observation and scored me unfavorably. She also had another staff to observe me.

Nevertheless, this staff marked me favorable. All of a sudden, this staff was gone. The word through the school was this staff did not support her in scoring me low. I had the feeling that this principal was trying to get rid of me by starting a paper trail. There were many times I felt unsupported by this principal. Have you ever felt unsupported and devalued as a professional by your leadership?

I started this on-line business to help support the development of leaders. Those who hold key positions such as educators who have a direct impact on creating change in the world.

Education was the thing I loved.  I always said that education was how I would make a living and if I could go to school then this would be how I would live. The next best thing is teaching.

Teaching is an art. It is how one-person can make the difference in the lives of others. I want to teach you how to be a leader of compassion and courage and contribute to the betterment of people.

If women continue to devalue one another and use the male model of leadership children will continue to act out, society will continue to deterioate and the future is at stake. There is an over- abundance of masculine power in society and a need for more feminine power.

The Transformational Leadership Project is a model of leadership based on the feminine aspect of life. It teaches both male and females how to develop a different source of power. This power has the ability to transform instead of control.

The world needs a leadership of compassion and courage. Join me in discovering a new source

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A Seven Step Personal Transformation, Transformational Leadership Project, Womanist Leadership

With the collapse of the family structure and the detachment children feel from their communities; schools and jails have become the surrogate parent. Who are raising the children?

Not only are schools taxed with educating children, there is a need for educators to nurture, guide and socialize children. Schools have not been able to grasp this profound purpose for education that society expects of them. The very institutions we have entrusted children in have become breeding grounds for the development of anti-social behaviors.

Children come to school unprepared to cope with the expectations of the educational system. They come into the school system with a host of issues that interfere with their learning; neither the teacher nor administration can successfully deal. Behaviors left unchecked become unmanageable in the classroom.

One of the tasks of education is to assist in the socialization of children.  This is very skill children need to be successful. There is no system set up within schools to foster this skill and teach it to children and consequently children experience meaninglessness and normlessness.

There is a need to transform the nature of educating children. It is my intention to bring this to light and help educators become better prepared to take on this humbling task of not only educating but also socializing children.

The educator can do this by exploring a richer and yet to be experienced purpose for education. The greater goal of education is to help children become happy, find meaning and create value.

Counter to this lofty goal, the prevailing purpose for education has existed for the past four hundred years. It has brought society this far and can no longer carry the country forward into the twenty-first century.

The Twenty-First Century demands a New Purpose for Education and A New Purpose for Education demand a New Twenty-First Century Plan. Thus, it is imperative that educators grow and develop to their highest potential and move forward the purpose for education. There may be a need to explore what educators intend to do to help with the current crisis in education.

The Twenty-First Century demands a New Human Community. Education is the arena where we can build The New Human Community, but first the educator has to empower herself.  I speak of a female vision of power because feminine educators accounts for around eighty-five percent of the current educators. She can become empowered and expand her life state and help children find meaning and value through the process of education.

This paper today addresses a model for a Feminine Leadership. I will give you information on how you and I can help build a New Human Community.

It is the task of educators to build that capacity in future generations. With a renewed zest for education, you and I can achieve this amazing task.

The agenda of a totalitarian teaching style created this meaninglessness and normlessness. The current agenda for education is to have a society of people who do not think. Contrary to popular belief, the single thing that makes us human is our ability to think.

Schools are not teaching children to think. They are teaching them to digest bits and pieces of data and then call it forward on a test. This is not education.

I walk into a classroom, the same way I have for the past twenty years and look into familiar faces. I have seen them many times before. I have been a substitute teacher for the past six-years in the Pinellas County Public Schools.

I reject the label substitute because it does not totally describe me. My teaching experience of over twenty-three years is reduced to a day with these children. I have to reinvent myself each day. It is an exhausting endeavor but one which has caused me to grow and develop my full potential.

This one quote has been with me since 1992. “Since life is, a constant challenge is it important to have a specific goal or direction with which to challenge myself.” I step into the unknown most days. I have to call forth the wisdom and compassion in my life. Most days it is a battle between my emotions and my heart with my emotions winning more often than not. However, my experience as a substitute teacher has helped me to articulate what precisely I am feeling and let it go. It is an exercise in my own humanity.

What this experience as a substitute teacher has taught me is patience, resilience, and compassion. I have taught at many locations throughout Pinellas County. The behaviors are the same at most schools.

What I have noticed is that the schools that need the most seasoned educator often are the training grounds for the new hires. Inexperienced Caucasian teachers get the toughest assignments. Most are ill-prepared to teach and reach the children who are in need of surrogate parenting. This is not education

This young twenty-something just a child out of college is given the added responsibility of twenty of so children. It is a difficult situation, yet this model continues. The old adage, this will either make or break you. Children’s needs are often forgotten. This is not education

These new hires use curriculum with multiple texts, unable to reach the children, these new hires merely pass on information. Moreover, children cannot digest this information. They act out of frustration and boredom. It is a challenge, but the teacher is the single important factor in the process of education. I felt so ineffective as a substitute teacher. This vicious cycle, both the teacher and the student find themselves in can neither produce meaning or create value. This is not education.

It will take many years before this teacher is seasoned. I have a plan that will make you seasoned in a year. I will teach you how to become empowered as a teacher, as a woman and as a human. My Mindfulness Meditation will help you control your emotions and develop your feminine power.

Once you complete the training and practices, you will be empowered, children will be the recipient of this newfound power and we will see a rise in the quality of education.

What I want to do is empower the educators to empower children to better the interaction between the two. Both teacher and student can co-create an environment of mutual respect and dignity.

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