Self-fulfillment is Self-love

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Before you have something to give to others,

you must first give to yourself.

A kind of self-acceptance, forgiveness,

and gratitude.

Of all the creatures on the earth.

We are fortunate to be a human.

Filled with emotions, feelings

and a thinking mind.

To think of a world

and it manifest before our eyes,

is the greatest gift.

To live in this forever moment,

that extends into the future,

is the way to live that honors the sanctity of life.

Quantum Physics: Explains The Creative Power of the Human

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When we think the world objectively exists independent of ourselves, we are distorting our image of the world, which is a process by which we can’t help but simultaneously distort our image of ourselves, because we are inescapably part of the world.

We can then easily remain unaware of the creative power within us wherein lies our potential gift to the world.


How can you tap into the creative force inside of you?

Imagine a force

that you can control.

with your thoughts

you remake yourself

into anything you choose.

your gift to the world is inside of you.

The W.E.N. Network is

the guiding impulse that believes

in the power of you.

together we can make this land

Heaven on earth.

Restore Our Connection To The World

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Our lives have become disconnected from the source.

People’s well being have been given over for Power and Money.

Looking outside oneself for happiness and pleasure.

Will not suffice.

This hunger grows stronger each day.

Requires more and more.

Until we have gobbled up the earth.

Then we begin to feed upon the Human Soul.

Which has left a sort of Spiritual Poverty.

Which is worst than being poor.

A nation controlled by this force.

Seeks nothing but violence and war.

A machine driving our consciousness.

It is never to late to put on the brakes.

The Womanist Empowerment Network

Has her fingers on the Pulse.

Knows the value of Human Life.

How to restore the Human Spirit.

Breathe life into.



Bring back from death.

Live life with meaning and purpose.

Restore the Earth.

Fertilize the soil.

The lotus flower blooms.

From the murky waters of life.


How Can You Find Solace and Peace

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How can you find solace and peace in a noisy world?

We are constantly bombarded;

thrown in a storm of emotions;

filled with sorrow.

Looking for Peace.

A peace that settles your mind

Steady you steps

Even though

They are uneven.

This winter seasons

Locked inside

Trying to stay warm.

Is the time


Go inside yourself

To see.

What at other times

Was not Visable

During the

Healing Arts Retreat

You will find

Safety and Security

As you begin to unfural,

Let down your guards.

Look at yourself

with Compassion and love

Take a honest look37709dd0-b6d8-4d28-9dec-5bfc4d7be890

And heal the wounds

of your Heart.

How to Make a Slave of the Self

Building a Strong Inner LIfe through Poetry & Talk, Chronicle the Black Woman's Rise, Empowered Woman, Monologue, Spiritual Awakening, The Great Awakening, Womanist Empowerment

This life is for
Winning Freedom back from
The conditioning of making a Slave of the Self.

This nation,
Was built on slavery by
The so called
“ruling elite”.
Who made a slave of itself.

The white man manifested
What he was trying to escape.

He imagined a division between
Black and White.
And lived and perpetrated
This lie,
And made
Humanity believe.

This belief in duality,
Seeped in religion.
Preached on Sunday
Forgotten on Monday.

Is an escape into Personhood
I’ll conceived and toxic to the self.

Come back to the Natural self
Where real experience unfolds
In the “I Am”.


A Seven Step Personal Transformation, New Millennium Poetry


A movement from here to there requires Social Engineering,

A meticulous undertaking to shift the position of women.

The female who has justice in her heart.

Who has the strength to keep the together family?

Now extend that reach to include the whole of humanity.

The Great Big Human Family that spreads across the globe.

Open your arms a little wider and embrace the children.

The ones who will inherit the earth.

The land that stretches from sea to sea.

Unlock the door to the Vast Inner Life with

“Seven Keys to Life!”

You will see into the very heart of humanity.

The heart that beats and a tremor begins.

Traveling on the Rhythm of Life!

Now put your finger on the pulse and feel the beat.

Seven Keys to LIfe in Poetry & Prose

A Seven Step Personal Transformation

Seven Keys to Life

I’ve got Seven Keys to Life; Seven Keys That Will Open the Doorway to the Vast Inner Life.

I was in the 10th grade, at a school and a time when busing children outside their neighbor to a school on the other side of town was the order of the day. It was called it integration. I call it taking me out of my neighborhood and familiar surroundings and implanting me into an environment that neither respected nor cared about me.

One reading teacher told me, you are not living up to your full potential. That thought has always haunted me. School came easy. I really didn’t have to study. In fact, my 10th grade year I missed so many days and I still passed.

What was my potential? Nobody ever told me. I guess it was something hidden in plain view. Could the teacher see something that I couldn’t, did she have a way of peering behind my brown eyes and see into the heart of me? She told me I would have gotten an A if I hadn’t missed so many days.

The First Key awakens the mind to reveal a Powerful Presence that you will have to discover. It is hidden within the inner dimensions of your life. It is a part of you that you cannot see but you know is real. That Presence may be what my teacher saw, but she did not know how to help me bring out.

I believe education’s greatest endeavor is to educe, to draw out what is inside of children so they can have an authentic experience instead of having a life given to them. An authentic experience that honors the gifts and talents you were born with. To have a teacher or parent to help you develop is one of the greatest gifts you can receive.

Powerful Presence stands in the doorway, opens the door, and walks in.  She stands in the room looks from behind her eyes and sees the beauty and splendor in the world. She looks at her hands, her fingers holding a pen, out the window and far into the day, and sees clouds, feels her feet upon the floor, looks back at yesterday, and forward ten years and imagines a life she can have.

There is this Powerful Presence pulsating through you, taking words and stringing them together and they become a song, a song that never ends, that goes on and on as long as words form on the page.

The Second Key in this series is to Acknowledge the true reality of life, that life at each moment includes the body, the mind and your true nature, the natural world which includes all conscious beings as well as all lifeless non-living things in the universe, plants, the earth and even the smallest particles of sand.

The key will open the door to the vast inner life and show you how everything in life is connected, what you do to someone else you also do to yourself.

There’s a Rhythm to Life, put your finger on the pulse and feel the beat, The Rhythm of Life is all around you. Tune in; life happens in the spiritual then it manifesst and become physical. It is the power of sound that vibrates and pulls from the void. Like making something with your hands that you visualized first. Sound and Vibration is life, tune into the Rhythm of Life and see your life vibrate to a higher level.

The oneness of life is all around. I look out my window where I work. I see construction going on. I’m in the midst of reconstructing the story of my life. Because the one I have lived thus far is not the best that I can have.

I have done some amazing things. Like the time I went to Hawaii with my daughter; she was married and had her honeymoon there. I also spent New Year’s Day in Paris, looking out from the Eifel Tower at the pulse of the city, snow falling around me.

For fifteen years, I dedicated myself to my practice of study and meetings, learning all I could about life and the environment I lived in. With my words I called forth a new life, with my poetry I expressed my pain and disappointment and then let them go.

There was this tension building in my hip. The tension of holding onto a life of suffering, no matter how bitter it felt, it was all I knew, so I held on. Holding onto pain created an impasse, blood could not flow. If blood does not flow, it has nowhere to go; it begins to harder and creates an impasse. The next thing is a heart attack or stroke. I had to change. I had to let go before anger and fear destroyed me. I let go and this other life that I had been reading and talking about. It had been holding in the wings for me.

There was this story I lived that told me I was a victim, to be used by life. I believed that story and made it my own. In the absence of a real life one will live with a substitute.

I never really believed it, but I held on, I felt it was untrue, but it was like knowing something wasn’t real, but it still had power over me. It lead me to education as I continued to seek out answers to my problems and a way to make a difference in the world.

Education opened another life to me. The Books I read and the poetry I wrote helped me to construct a new life. It is an ongoing reconstruction, each time adding cement to fasten in the new parts. I know my lifes not complete.  I have to continue to live with the substitute, until the true life becomes real.

Your life is a reflection of what you believe, change your beliefs and the outside world will match the picture in your head.

The Third Key is Nonfeasance, the failure to act that is part of one’s responsibilities and the consequences of not living up to your full potential. There is a saying from Nelson Mandela, a Freedom Fighter from South Africa. He lived under a system of racial segregation in South Africa enforced through legislation, similar to what happened in America. Nelson Mandela spent over 27 years in prison. He was released and a year later he was elected president of South Africa and Apartheid was abolished. He stated if you bring forth what is within you, what is within you will save you, if you do not bring forth what is within you, what is within you will destroy you. You have an obligation to live up to your full potential and find a way to express the truth of your life. Failure to act will bring you ruin.




New Millennium Poetry


Tune in to the Rhythm of Life.

Like lying face up to the sun,

The smell of sea in the air,

Let the waves move you.

Gently tossing you to and from,

As they roll in from the vast unknown.

Close your eyes and embrace the moment.

Your senses awash;

In an instant,

You’re at peace with the world.

Every cell in your body responds to the Rhythm of Life!

There’s a song playing.

You dance to the music.

As the rhythm lifts you high into the air and toss you around,

Twirling faster and faster, you’re like a water fountain.

The vortex begins to drawn goodness.

You open your eyes and welcome the sun,

As cloud and the waters edge hold hands.

The earth and the sky are kissing.

Passion fills the sky; thunder strikes.

Love’s in the air;

You take a deep breath.

Joy enters into your body and…

Infuse your mind;

The essence of you has been kissed by the day!