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Inquiring into the Nature of my being
and the nature of “God”.
One single thing.

I wake to the sounds of the dog
Scratching at the bars of his cage.

For a moment
I lie in darkness
Tiny lights flicker from a statue.
So I can see.

What time is it?
I always wonder
Feeling better if I’ve slept
A full night.

No, it’s three in the morning.

Before I get out of bed
I slink back into myself
Like a turtle back into his shell.

Thoughts flood my mind
Like the moonlight
On a dark starless night.

I’m everything.
The words come from a place
Deep inside of me.

I’m Oprah, Obama,
Dr King,
Even Trump.
These thoughts lay gently within me.

Into the arena of Inquiry
I ascend.

A search for the truth
As it appears to me,
Raw and naked
Open and unashamed.

This life is one single thing,
Expressed as everything.

The left and the right of my brain merge into a whole.
I see God at work in everything.

I open my eyes
Wake from the hypnosis and conditioning
Let the dog out of his cage.

We step into the crisp morning air
So we both can feel a sense of relief.

Political Power in the Hands of the Philosopher

7 Mindset Hacks, Empower Womyn, Manifest 2017, Ubuntu-Tales, Womanist Empowerment

Collective Story

The desire for power corrupts, destroys people and undermine their psychological health.

On the New Earth

Their is a new understanding of what is good.

A new understanding of knowledge,

Living well,


Well being,





How you want to live?

Building a Thriving Community

Building a Strong Inner LIfe through Poetry & Talk, Chronicle the Black Woman's Rise, Empower Womyn, Manifest 2017, Womanist Empowerment

We have kissed the feet of Angels.

walked the dark pathway to the Heavens.

sat with the babies!

nursed the sick.

tended to those who have lost their way.

we have stood on the top of the heap!

looking down at the destruction.

saw bodies lying in the streets,

pools of blood collecting at their feet.

i sat looking deeply in a mirror reflection.

at an image that no longer resembles the heart.

a reflection dark and decaying

from a slow death.

i watch as ashes fall to the ground

nourishing the earth.

into fertile ground

that nourishes the soul.

which has taken root.

begins to push through the soil

into bright sunlight.


she lives.

her life gives life.

her energy restores,

her community

thrives and flourishes.

her voice heals.

her presence encourages

others in the midst

of theses challenging times.

Feminine Leadership Part 4 Understanding the Moral Foundation of Education

Manifest 2017, Weekend Retreat, Womanist Empowerment

Education As a Moral Undertaking

The position of the educator/mother as feminine leader and sovereign obliges you to act in an ethical manner. Not only do women mother and teach, but you also have the moral responsibility to sustain the continuity of human life. As mother/educator, you impose the social norms and values both through formal and informal education.

The Current Focus in Education

The emphasis on testing and learning the ABC’s has pushed to the rear more important courses that young people need to learn. Examination of facts and numbers have shaped the culture in schools. This has led to a decline in the purpose of education and of human life.

Grades and Self-Esteem

Just recently a study was conducted on the correlation between student grades and self-esteem. It was found that a student’s self-esteem is tied to the grades she or he makes. Thus, student’s self-worth becomes measured by a test. A test which oftentimes is biases towards white.

Cultural Images for Children and Society

In the role of cultural keeper, women teach young people how to behave socially in everyday life. In the past the role of mother/educator has been used by the state and women have been willing partners in maintaining the status quo. I want to challenge you to become a believer in young people. Ensuring that their interest and needs come before the demands of the state.

Personal Experience

I had the opportunity to work with a teacher in Florida. I was a Para-professional. I thought I would be a teaching partner, but instead I was a teacher assistant. Roles sometimes become blurred in the classroom.

Granted I am a seasoned teacher and could have provided valuable support to the teacher. I was not utilized as a support but used as someone who carried out the demands of the teacher.

She once told me to run a personal errand for her. I would have, but it was the attitude of this teacher that I could not bear. She once told her students, “if I tell you to walk around the table three times, no matter how ridiculous it may be, just do it.”

Schools Have Become Unsafe

In the elementary school where I taught, fighting was a normal thing. There was violence and bullying, disrespect and fights. School was an extension of the neighborhood children came from. Instead of teachers and the administration shaping the culture in school. It was students who shaped the disruptive climate in the classroom and made it impossible for them to learn.

Blind Obedience

The days of blind obedience to authority is over. The teacher isn’t always right. Just because of your position you do not have inevitable rights. The teacher must utilize moral guidance when she relates not only with students, but other adults in her classroom.

A Means of Control

Unfortunate, most teachers are on a control trip. In my twenty years in education there were few peers that I could relate to. Most teacher used teaching to an end. Which was a way to exercise personal power and to dominate the lives of children. This is the one problem I see with education that does an enormous disservice to both young people and the world.

Change the Purpose for Educating Young People

Even though the society that we live in set the standards, women have the power to impart the lessons that are valuable for the full development of young people. In education and as your child’s first teacher you can transform learning into a process of empowerment. A style of coaching that inspires a new generation of young people who want to change the world.

A Heart to Heart Exchange

It is the art of teaching that touches the heart of young people. It is more than a mere passing along of useless facts. You can create the environment that becomes the perfect place to practice democracy. Regrettably, it is only taught, but not actually lived.

Holistic Teaching

When you teach with your whole self-young people get the best of you. Oftentimes because of the nature of teaching, most teachers are stressed. There is a tremendous demand of your time. In addition, parents want you to teach their child and give her the best. Lastly, the city and state want you to produce loyal subjects who can pass a test and not question, but only follow the orders that are given to them.

Teacher Professionalism Integrates Moral Purpose.

There are plenty of opportunities for professional development for teachers within education. Most teacher, in addition to earning a degree can have letters and citations added to their name. This does well for professionalism, but there is a need for personal development.

Personal Development is not offered in educational training. Schools and universities have steered away from the morality of teaching. Oftentimes confusing it with religion values. One’s religion is personal, but on the other hand, there are universal values that we all can ascribe to, such as honesty, integrity and compassion. These values are left out of teacher development schools. I want to propose that teachers seek out Personal Development independently of a formal education.

Personal Purpose are Fundamental to the Future of Society.

A moral purpose keeps mother/educator of children close to the needs of children and youth. A moral purpose for education is key to changing the course of the world. Currently our world is on a trajectory headed toward the edge of a cliff. We educator/mother of children must impart to young people a desire to do good and find meaning and purpose in life.

Morality is also Core to Educational Renewal

You are central to the direction the world will take for the next one hundred years. When can find meaning and purpose and disengage from the state you become an Agent of Change.

Creating a Culture that Empowers Young People

Culture is created in schools and in the home. In the way we women allow young people the freedom to be themselves. It is how we interact with children that must be changed if we want to change the world. Oftentimes we want young people to conform which puts the woman in charge. We want control. This does not go as planned and young people rebel.

Children’s violence and disrespect reflect the decline of the purpose of education and human life. I propose that the learning environment becomes one of sharing. Both the teacher and student, parent and child learn, develop and grow. It becomes a shared partnership. Where each one has something to give and share.


Empower Womyn, Manifest 2017, Ubuntu-Tales, Womanist Empowerment

Ubuntu  African Worldview

A belief in the Universal Bond that connects us ALL

Woman Shape Relationships

A key concept associated with “Ubuntu” is how we behave and interact in our various social roles, e.g., daughters traditionally greet their parents and serve them food as a sign of respect and maintain the highest standards of behavior that will be extended or reflected to her family and all the women raised in that family. The daughter is an ambassador. She functions and play that role always. However, this does not apply only to daughters but to all women in general, even among friends and equals such as brother and sister.

Other manifestations of Ubuntu are that it is taboo to call elderly people by their given names; instead, they are called by their surnames. This has the effect of banishing individualism and replacing it with a representative role, in which the individual effectively stands for the people among whom he comes from at all times.

The individual identity is replaced with the larger societal identity within the individual. Thus, families are portrayed or reflected in the individual and this phenomenon is extended to villages, districts, provinces and regions being portrayed in the individual.

This places high demands on the individual to behave in the highest standards and to portray the highest possible virtues that society strives for. ” Ubuntu ” embodies all the invaluable virtues that society strives for towards maintaining harmony and the spirit of sharing among its members.


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So it is Written; So it shall Be.

Shake loose the shackles.

Rattle caged bars.

Unfasten the lock.

Break free from America’s

Hold on me!

Raised in a Culture.

Assigned a number at birth.

Registered in the city.

Where my mother and father lived.

Clothed in Innocence.

Stripped of my organic nature,

The dress I wore,

Was someone’s else’s design.

Without a model.

That I could conceive.

No matter how I tried.

It never fit me.

Finished trying to put on that dress.

Done trying to fit in.

Found the steps to create me.


Building a Strong Inner LIfe through Poetry & Talk, Chronicle the Black Woman's Rise, Womanist Empowerment, Womanist Leadership


Soul Explorer

On a journey to discover the vast inner space.

That part of the iceberg,

Submerged in the great ocean of life.

Open the door to this other world.

Undergo an odyssey,

Using the mind as the guide.

This other dimension.

So many talk and write about.

You may have caught a glimpse,

But quickly put it out your mind.

Like Star Trek.

A venture through outer space.

To discover other worlds.

They same curiosity killed the cat.

I say curiosity has brought us technology,

Advances beyond our wildest imagination.

This thing called life,

Prince sang about.

Is the subject that I will Explore,

Look at every aspect.

Discover the Secret!

Close your eyes.

Put your mind at rest.

So the Soul can speak.

Look at the door.

Watch it swing wide open.

To reveal what is on the other side.

Walk in as an observer.

See the totality of Humanity.

The twinkle of stars.


The Earth!

The Moon!

Closer observation.

There is movement on the surface of the earth.

Trees are swaying.

Rain is falling.

        The ocean,

One expansive blue.

People scatter about,

Doing this thing called life.

A chorus overheard from high above.

Put Your Finger on the Pulse!

Feel the Beat!

The Rhythm of Life!


Chronicle the Black Woman's Rise




Long Legs!

Sashaying down the street.

Yellow dress fluttering.

Smile beaming.

Hips swaying.

Eyes bright as the moon.

On her head.

Golden locks glimmer.

On her finger a diamond

Sparkles in the noon-day sun.

She parts her lips.

A sweet melody escapes.

Dangles for a  moment.

Feet gently her from the ground.

The sound reverberates and…

Villagers scuttle out to see.

The sun going down.

It’s Queen Bey!

She arrived in town.

All the children run to the road.

Silhouette each side.

Laughs and giggles.

Dance in the morning haze.

Boys start to drum.

A rhythm that moves everyone to a higher plan.

The community is set ablaze.

Evil that lurked in the shadows.

Come into the light.

Demons cannot tolerate Joy and Happiness.

They leave and run to the next town.

We have defeated the demons.

Everyone chants in unison.

All day long they dance and sing.

Women start a fire.

Men go out for a hunt.

The aroma of food soon fills the air.

A cloud hangs low.

A guardian has come to protect  all the people.


Chronicle the Black Woman's Rise, Womanist Empowerment, Womanist Leadership


Feminine Consciousness

The world is enthralled in a Revolution that strikes at the hearts and minds of the people. On the one hand, we will elect a president. The candidates are,: Donald Trump. His hands on millions and a step back in our ascension to a higher standard of living. He is a businessman but he lacks the morality to lead a nation.

The next candidate is Hillary Clinton, Bill’s wife. I see problems when a husband and wife team have a seat in the White House. Just like Bush and his son. Something was wrong, and we are just now finding out.

The only other candidate talking about evolving to a higher level is Bernie Sanders, with his white hair, reflecting the wisdom of the age.

Then we have a force hell bent on stopping a revolution of the people. It is a hand-full of elites pushing for “The Police State” who want to take away our liberties we have spent the last four hundred years trying to get.

Last December 2015, sheriff were passing out expensive gifts to fifth graders at a Christmas concert. This is the first time I have witnessed this. These were expensive gifts. The sheriffs smiled as they handed a duffle bag full of goodies to the innocents of this country. Along with the uniforms the children wear to public school. I guess the Police State is real.

This is the ideal climate for new ideas to take root. In this time of transformation what type of world will we create and how will the Black Woman be instrumental in shaping the coming age?

Women this is the era of soft power. When the heart leads the way with the wisdom and compassion of the whole of Humanity. When the heart takes actions, it will benefit the entire society, not a select few.

We have seen America run by the wealthy and the greedy, reminiscent of a psychopath destroying the air the land and the sea we all need. This destructive tendency is rooted in the heart of man. We must find a way to transcend this mentality. This militarist view of life that we bring into the world that destroys is out of date.

There is a New Way with which to view Humanity. See the earth and people as a loving and breathing thing capable of feeling both joy and pain. The earth is alive, and it is angry at man for war and manmade machines that destroy our collective Humanity.

It is women who must step up and bring the light of compassion and love into the home, school and board room. We are the ones capable of creating a just society when it is based on our shared Humanity.