THE GREAT AWAKENING – PART EIGHT The Black Woman’s Collective Identity

  Two types of subjugation that impede the Black Woman’s Collective Identity. Social Oppression and Self-Oppression.  They both happen in the context of relationships, whether it is in rapport with one-self or with another. There is an unspoken law that women are second to man. Subtle messages that say, “women are not good enough.” A... Continue Reading →

THE UNCHANGING NATURE OF MIND: Reconstructing the Fictitious Ego

#Transformation Leader The ego is a concept rooted in the psychology of Sigmund Freud. He developed the model to explain the self in relation to an external world. It is a view he brought to the shores of America and the beginning of what we know as Neurosis. However, the evolution of knowledge produced a... Continue Reading →

SUPER MOON SEPTEMBER 2016- A Time of Renewal and Rebirth

SUPER MOON SEPTEMBER 2016 #Transformation Leader #September 2015 #Super Moon Greeting, Transformation Leaders, The new generation of women who lead through the Feminine Form. Last months Super Moon has us poised and ready to step into the Twenty-First Century with a new attitude and a new way to be. Begin to embody the feminine aspect... Continue Reading →

A MOMENT OF CLARITY: Break Free from the Past

#TransformationLeader #Summerof2015 #BlackWomansSuperPower A MOMENT OF CLARITY Break Free from the Past This morning in the midst of chaos, Living in someone else’s home, Feeling beholding to a man who pays the mortgage. Having to be silent and accept his words Because he has the money and I do not. In that moment of clarity.... Continue Reading →

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