Building a Strong Inner LIfe through Poetry & Talk, My Internal Life, Seven Keys to Life

This morning I lay in bed in a particular mood all too familiar to me. Only this time I had taken time before I rose to utilize a Mindfulness technique that I discovered. It is the fourth Key in the Seven Keys to Life.

The first step in mindfulness is to uncover what is unconscious in my experience. As I lay in bed, I acknowledged that something had triggered my moodiness.  I investigated by asking a few question about what made me feel that way.

I had realized the day before I made a decision to start a membership site after listening to a free webinar. I have been attracted to this idea of free information on the web. The topics interest me and have helped me in my search for purpose and meaning.

This was my pattern; Set a goal and work towards it until something else caught my attention and off I went. I recalled when I was in graduate school, I would go to school for the rest of my life If I could find a way to get paid. This set in motion the idea of learning.

I have been trapped in the world of learing. Seeking more and more information but could not not find a way to implement what I had been taught. Well anyway, I made a commitment to stay on the path of writing five hundred words a day towards completing a manuscript that will launch my Social, Emotional and Spiritual Development Program.

The second goal was to keep focused. Here I was again following the next shinny object that had captured my attention. This had been a pattern for the past few years. I have been unable to get traction towards completing anything.

I realized this pattern of living defeats my purpose of writing and obtaining my goals. It is no wonder I get moody. I had traversed off the path and away from my goal. The last step in the four stages is non-identification.

I observed what had caused my sulky attitude and decided to not get lost in the feeling and get off track. Soon I was back on the saddle ready to ride towards my destination. This time I did not let my moodiness deter me from striving toward my goals.


Building a Strong Inner LIfe through Poetry & Talk, Seven Keys to Life

The Emotional Body

The part of life, I will explore during this talk is the emotional body. The sensitive aspect of life that filters experiences, perceptions, and memories.  It is like a reservoir of possibility mixing bits and pieces of experience coupled with emotions that trigger a response. It happens in an instant. Before you realize, a lifetime has happened and you wonder why you acted that way.

An experience happened to me one day; it colored my life a shade of gray. I could not discern what was good or what would harm me. This experience occurred at a time when I was very young. Too undeveloped to understand how to use my mind instead of letting other people’s words control me.

A young mind, that believed my parents loved and wanted what was best for me; a belief that they would never harm me. I held on to that story for such a long time and blamed myself if anything went wrong. It took all my strength to hold together a life. Fifty years later I uncovered my true self-buried under the difficulties of life.

The emotional baggage I held onto caused nothing but pain. Nonetheless, it was the engine that drove me on a journey to find happiness and inner peace. I striped my life bare then examined it, like looking under a microscope to discover the source of my suffering.

I found a big black hole that had swallowed parts of me and left a void. I tried to find love thinking it would heal my wounds. Only the relationships I entered in did not fulfill me. The hole grew so deep that it swallowed up my happiness. It was like trying to make life work that was doomed from the start.

Emotions control your thinking, behavior and the actions you take. They have a physical aspect as well as a psychological one. They are the bridge between thoughts, feelings and actions.

There is a relationship between emotional wounds we try to hide and the pain felt in the body. Pain will speak to you if you only listen. It spoke to me as pain in my hip. An impasse, filled with tension that was taking a toll on my healthy. My responses happened so automatically I was like a machine processing data in a mechanical way. I had to change my life if I wanted to be healthy and happy.

Some of what I felt was hard-wired to my individual brain. The other part belonged to the collective brain. The collective brain which is made of all the people and stimulus that had been in my life to include my parents and ancestors and extended family.

To act mechanically was acceptable behavior about one thousand years ago when fear was so real, the environment posed an imminent danger, and humans did not have the technology or sophistication that we have today.

My belief is that society and the environment has changed and we as humans have not. The wiring in our brains is out of date. We have to retrain our brain to adapt to the new society we find ourselves in.

Society teaches us to suppress our emotions and feeling as if there is something wrong with saying how we feel. Society say do not express your feelings because they are inappropriate or if you were to be express them, you would be dangerous and out of control.

What I would like to suggest is that left to their own devise or neglected emotions will be out of your control and disguised in some negative or inapprioate way.

Emotions act as a warning to what is really going on. They are the most reliable indicators of how things are going in our lives. Which mean they may need some special attention as much as we pay to physically training our mind and body?

When something happens in our lives, there is a feeling associated with the experience, be it pleasant or unpleasant. Then the experience floods through your emotions. Emotions and feelings are often misunderstood.

I have found a greater truth in my search to find happiness and inner peace. It was hidden behind the emotions that I held onto. There is Power in Purpose and when you find your purpose, you will have found the truth of your life and you will know peace and happiness.

I have begun to build a life that matched what I had been growing inside my mind. I cannot control my emotions, but I can examine them from a distance and not identify with them. This way I can manage my behavior and plan a better response.

Finding Power in Purpose is an individual journey that you take. It will lead you on an internal journey through your Mind, Emotions and Spirit. 

The Womanist Empowerment Series will help you find your way. womanistempowermentseries.com

You Have Power in your Life

A Seven Step Personal Transformation, My Internal Life

Do you want to feel a sense of power in your life?

That you have the ability to control the destiny of the world.

That your children will be safe and secure

Fear not of being a victim of random acts of violence.

Then you must secure the nation you live in.

Build “A Safe Place inside Yourself”,

Then outside world will match what is in your head.

Do you want clean air and fresh water, live in a world that values life?

Then what you must have your own Human Revolution.

A revolution in your thinking,

A revolution in how you see and relate to life.

You are a co-creator with life.

Accept your noble mission as an envoy to earth.

Your advent is to transform.

As life passes through you,

As experiences shape you.

Let the experience go through.

Use the wisdom deep in your life to transform.

As you exhale and put energy back into the world.

Be it of healing of empowering and transform.

Co-Create With Life

Building a Strong Inner LIfe through Poetry & Talk, New Millennium Poetry

Do you want to feel a sense of power in your life?

That you have the ability to control the destiny of the world?

That your children will be safe and secure and not fear being a victim of random violence.

Then you must secure the nation that you live in.

Build a safe place inside yourself,

Then the world outside will begin to match what is in your head.

Do you want clean air and fresh water?

Live in a world that values life.

Then you must have your own human revolution.

Deep within the inner recess of your mind and heart is your connection to God.

It is here that you must rest in the heart beat,

Then the connect will begin.

In your thinking,

In how you see the world

In how you relate to life.

You are a co-creator with life.

Your advent in this world is to transform.

Accept the noble mission as an envoy to earth.

As life pass through you and experiences shape your heart.

Let the energy flow through.

Use the wisdom at a level of unity of self to transform.

Let your actions and words flow from your greater self.

Exhale and put energy into the world.

Be it healing or empowering, just create a better life.

Be a reflection of light, power, beauty and value.

You were born to bring beauty and build a strong Human Community.


New Millennium Poetry, Transformational Leadership Project

Greetings, welcome to the gathering of Guardians of the earth, Keepers of the Culture, Pamala here, Culture Transformation Catalyst. I’m pleased that you joined me on this journey as we reconstruct the story of women in society. I will be your guide as we explore through two venues of the Creative Arts a “Vision of Feminine Power”. The Art of Dialogue & The Art of Poetry. During these sessions you and I will explore the two dimensions of life, the universal and the personal. The goal of this series is to empower women to fulfill their most ambitious mission in this life time. This gathering of women is where we will awaken to our most noble purpose and mission as women in society. It is my most ambitions endeavor thus far and what gives my life meaning and purpose.

The Womanist Empowerment Series shares the teachings from the text,“The Wise Heart”, By Jack Kornfield: A Guide to the Universal Teachings of Buddhist Psychology.  The knowledge and wisdom teachings will be presented during seminars, poetry, writing & art sessions, during readings and performances.

During the (session) – I will present wisdom teachings and practices that will awaken the deeper dimension of the self, the universal”. One of the main practices is Mindfulness; a state of mind that has always been available to you, which is aware, non-judging and respectful. You will experience how to access your higher consciousness through a daily practice of mindfulness.  After each wisdom teaching you will have the opportunity to respond by creating a piece of poetry.

Poetry created from the experience will be published in an anthology. You’ll also have the opportunity to read your work in a public forum along with the other participants. Together we will create the lore of women in society.

You’ll recognize compassion as your deepest nature and confirm you interdependence with all life. You will respond positively and create value from every experience you have.

You’ll learn how to utilize the relationships in your life and discover a more enlightened way of relating. First with yourself, secondly your significant other, life partner or spouse and lastly children.

For over twenty years I’ve taught young children to read and write in public schools. It has been my greatest challenge and from which I’ve grown the most. Formerly trained in Guidance & Counseling, I bring a passion for education and an understanding of the human potential, coupled with my love of poetry, united to bring a complete experience for the mind, body and spirit.

I remember being a little girl left alone at home one Sunday morning when everyone else had gone to church. My father is a minister and we children were preacher kids. We were told to behave and always do what was expected. I told my mother I was sick. I asked her if my little brother could stay home with me. She told me if I stayed home I would be by myself. I wanted to watch Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.

When my mother left out the door lonesomeness closed in like an invisible presence. I felt as if I was the only person in the world, stranded on a deserted island. Dread and fear welled up in me. I curled into a ball and cried.  I felt abandoned and unloved. This one experience began the solemn state of life I lived. I would recreate the same experience for over forty years.

Never did I imagine that one decision would affect my life so traumatically, neither did my mother think I would be so traumatized by the experience that it would shroud my life in utter darkness.

I felt unloved and unworthy. Later as a teenager and adult I felt victimized by life. After each act of transgression by the other I responded with anger. The drama would unfold for many years. Anger was the wall I erected to protect me from an imagined perpetrator.

This was not the life I wanted to live. I withdrew into myself and from the world and did everything to transform my life. Relationships were a source of pain. I wanted them and realized they were important, but the past was a constant reminder so I kept people at a distance.

I had to change. The stress of holding onto past trauma had a strong-hold. The left side of my body held all the ill feelings. There was tension that knotted into balls coiling around my hip, creating an impasse. I felt a stroke was evident.

Sitting mindful with sorrow and fear is an act of courage. You and I can reconstruct the Story of our joys and pains and restore the Nobility of Woman.

Twenty-five years of chanting Nam Myo Ho Renge Kyo transformed feelings of anger into compassion; my unworthiness helped me to value my own life. I no longer feel like a victim. My experiences help to shape me into the person I am today and helped me turn my karma into mission.

Today, I stand a culture transformation catalyst for the empowerment of women, each relationship I entered into revealed a part of me that lived in shadows, that I needed to let go of. When I released the hurt created from the past I saw how I had created my own painful experiences.

Poetry became my way of expressing and giving voice to my experiences both positive and negative. I let go of being a victim. It that no longer served the person I was becoming. The past, but a memory no longer controls my life. I’ve discovered a deeper purpose and mission for my life.

My worries were like clouds obscuring the sun, I observed them and let them go, they disintegrated and the source of inner light was revealed, What came into view was my true value and worth as a female in society.

You and I can transform the culture of fear dominant in Western Culture when we reconstruct a common story. Through this series of training in Mindfulness, dialogue and poetry we can co-create a culture of loving kindness, compassion, fearlessness and wisdom.

You and I will celebrate as we share our new found way of being and embody this driving force of cooperation and symbiosis, “The Dance of Life”, living together as two.


A Seven Step Personal Transformation, Transformational Leadership Project

I called in to my principal and asked for a day off work. I just needed another day to settle in and unpack a few more boxes. I had just moved that weekend. She let me have the day off but the next day something had changed. All of a sudden, she began to watch me closely. She would come into my classroom during the pledge. I stood but usually did not participate.  She planned an observation and scored me unfavorably. She also had another staff to observe me.

Nevertheless, this staff marked me favorable. All of a sudden, this staff was gone. The word through the school was this staff did not support her in scoring me low. I had the feeling that this principal was trying to get rid of me by starting a paper trail. There were many times I felt unsupported by this principal. Have you ever felt unsupported and devalued as a professional by your leadership?

I started this on-line business to help support the development of leaders. Those who hold key positions such as educators who have a direct impact on creating change in the world.

Education was the thing I loved.  I always said that education was how I would make a living and if I could go to school then this would be how I would live. The next best thing is teaching.

Teaching is an art. It is how one-person can make the difference in the lives of others. I want to teach you how to be a leader of compassion and courage and contribute to the betterment of people.

If women continue to devalue one another and use the male model of leadership children will continue to act out, society will continue to deterioate and the future is at stake. There is an over- abundance of masculine power in society and a need for more feminine power.

The Transformational Leadership Project is a model of leadership based on the feminine aspect of life. It teaches both male and females how to develop a different source of power. This power has the ability to transform instead of control.

The world needs a leadership of compassion and courage. Join me in discovering a new source

of power that will transform the world. Log onto my Blog @ follow via email and receive post

updates on the Transformational Leadership Project @ womanistempowermentseries.com


A Seven Step Personal Transformation, Transformational Leadership Project

I look out into society and see a vision of women coming into their own. An awakening of the Feminine Aspect of Life living in the shadow of man. Take the reins of life and hold them in your hand.

A Vision of Peace that begins with you when you release negativity and the weight of the world you have been holding for so long.

A vision of love that restores your heart to the heart of Queen who love all people because she knows the greatest asset are the people living on the land. She believes in her power to greet each day with a smile and guide children with love.

A Vision of Feminine Power that restores the meaning of humanity that was lost in the pursuit of the American Dream. We are the dreamers. The ones who can co-create a better world.

There is a source of power that you can harness for betterment of every man, woman and child. Bring them into the fold.

There is an abundance in life when you connect to the source of everything. The Womanist Empowerment Series rest on the field. Put Your Finger of the Pulse and Feel the Beat, The Rhythm of Life.