Transformation Retreat.

It is a Retreat using a multi-dimensional approach of Visual Arts; Poetry and  Meditation.

The Retreat invites you to enter into a deeper understanding of self through Art Journaling, Dialogue, and Meditation-Reflection. Groups are comprised of 7 to 15 women who will meet once a month.

The purpose of the retreat is to transform suffering into a source of joy.

It’s a full-day session Visual Art (create a mandala), Zentangle, Walking Meditation and Poetry.

Secondly, we will explore the “Self” through “Mindfulness“, which is (observing without judgment.) *the unstable nature of the Ego, which tries to balance on the shaky ground.

You will observe the ways of the toxicity of the ego and pay attention to the stable sense of being.




Walking meditation is a safe gentle walk, designed for sensory opening activities along the way. These walks follow a standard sequence. Each walk begins with establishing embodied contact with the present moment and place. Next, comes a series of connective invitations, often improvised and in the moment and adapted to the needs of participants. These may be followed by wander time and/or sit spot. The walks end with a ceremony of sharing tea made from foraged local plants.