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The Womanist Empowerment Series In Poetry and Prose
The Social Status of Women and the problems we face
and the inherent tribulations of following the Status Quo.
The life we live is a direct result of
generations of conditions that have worked together to
make the woman physically weak, mentally narrow and politically powerless.
It happens in the three systems that govern our lives.
Public Education; Criminal Justice and lastly Government.
What is the role Black Women will play?
What are the responsibilities to her community?
And lastly What type of leadership will emerge that will-restore Humanity?
I want you during this series to question the bigger mission for your life. It will help you find happiness and discover peace and tranquility.
During the last twenty-five years in public education, I searched for a way to express myself and contribute to society. What I found as I began to unearth the source of my suffering was a darkness and abyss so bleak that every time I looked in I would quiver and quake. I looked down into the darkness and dove in heart first to find meaning and purpose and quiet my restless heart.
Searching for a PANACEA to solve the deep-seated problems that plagued my happiness, Seven tools were revealed to me in the wee hours of the morning one day.
The Seven tools will awaken the deeper dimension of the self as you discover a more enlightened way of relating to life. We, Black women, are empowered through the feminine aspect of life. Learn to let go and let the life inside you unfold.
Listen with me as the Great Story of Woman is told, We write the history and tell the tale of woman’s rise to her natural state. We are empowered as women and mothers as we guide the world through story writing and conversation. Join me in building a New Human Community,

On Becoming a Change Agent

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Part 3:  Re-imagine Feminine Leadership

On Becoming a Change Agent


The Teacher is Like the Artist in the new schools of the future. She is the most important person in the Educational Reform Movement. Teaching becomes an art form. The way the teacher expresses her full potential. The material is her students. She stands back occasionally to look at the master piece that she has created. Students are engaged in the lesson, hands flung up towards the sky, eyes brimming and filled with wonder. One students speak and others listen intently, showing full respect to the speaker, wanting a turn because the voice is the sign of an intelligent mind put to good use. She has put her best work into shaping the canvas of the mind of youth. She paints a picture of justice and a love of learning. The sheer joy of exploring content and letting it live in her students is her just reward. She knows she will be evaluated on her skills as we look to her work.

She has completed her formal studies, fully grasping the material. Now it is time for it to live. It lives through her as she become the catalyst for learning. She follows no rote script, but relies on her own intuition and the spontaneity that arises in the learning environment. She teaches more than reading, writing and math. She teaches students how to immerse themselves in the moment and not be afraid to make mistakes. Because in the blunder there is a lesson.

She is animated by the material she presents because she knows that her subjects are children who have a heart and soul. She treats them as active participants in learning. Coaxing them to take risk and make mistakes. It is a dance of two.

The educator as Change Agent will renew society. It is a task that one walks into willingly. As you walk into your class room conscious of the role you play. You are the model onto which students value learning.

You are central to transforming society. We change the world by giving students what is central to their well-being. Education becomes more than imparting information. It became a vehicle to advance society and the lives of students.

Students are not there for the benefit of teachers. Teachers are there for students. You are not to live out your fantasy of ruling the lives of children, but there to guide them on a discovery. It is the world they want to know about. It is taught within the lesson. It is by having a positive student/teacher relationship that real learning and change take place.

Re-Imagine Feminine Leadership PART 2

A Seven Step Personal Transformation, Empowered Woman, Seven Keys to Life, Transformational Leadership Project, Womanist Empowerment

PART 11:  Cultivating Revolutionary Relationships

In the New Feminine Leadership Culture

Once attuned to the natural world we women become self-organizing, harmonious and whole. There will be no need to look outside oneself for redemption. We will discover it in the work we do. Unfortunately, we women have not fully cultivated the power within for such a grand endeavor. When we awaken to how significant we are to influencing human life, all other pretenses will fade away.

It is nothing short of a miracle that females bring life into the world. We are closely furrowed to the growing embryo during pregnancy. This intimacy influences our nature which makes us best suited to guide human life.

Within our, DNA is the history of the human world, passed on from mother to child. An unbroken chain since the beginning of time. We are a particle of the Human Dynasty.

For millions of years, we have lived on earth growing and evolving.  Everything we know about the human body and mind is coded in our DNA. It is as instinctual as breathing. We need not focus on the task. The lungs inflate and deflate automatically. The heart beats and we take a step, such is the true nature of women.

Our genuine nature is compassion. We have compassion because we know the human condition is full of pain and heartache. Everyone undergoes birth, sickness, old age, and death. This is the Human Condition. We also share a common history and bond. Thus, the need for women to step out of the shadows and come into the light. It is the light that is needed at this dark moment in history.

We are the carriers of culture and must awaken to our noble mission to be caretakerscropped-headerimage-womanistempowermentseries_customlogodesign_opt2111.jpg of humanity. We are the ones who with transform the world. Once we embrace this noble calling there will be a groundswell of peace for the modern world.

As mothers, we create an intimate bond. With our heart, we guide. With our intuition, we care for the baby. Sensing her needs, we respond with our loving kindness. As the child grows so do our experience as women and mothers. The next child will receive improved care. Because we have become seasoned.

Mothers are the light of the family. You know, it is you who determines the direction of your family. You guide with an invisible hand, gently coaxing this way and that as you navigate through life. You hold the wisdom of countless mothers that have come before you.

We are our children’s first teacher. We find stories that will delight, stories that will guide our children in the dark world and stories that will inspire, motivate and empower.

I need you to come into the light and be a guide for not only your children but also the children you may teach. Children need for you to show up authentically so they will know and feel the power pulsating through you. It is the only thing that can reform education. It is your time to step up to a Revolutionary style of leadership.

You must not be afraid. There isn’t anything anyone can do to harm you. The changes you will make are internal. As you make inner changes they will show up automatically in your environment. Like the inner workings of a building. Under the foundation is the matter and workings which produce, heat, air conditioning, and light. As a child, I thought it was magical when I turned a switch and light illuminated the room. Not until I looked in the closet and saw the wires and switches that were hidden in the closet did I fully understand.

Such is the glorious mission of women to bring order to the world. But first you must understand what has kept the woman today powerless to make any real change in the world.  Todays’ women are mothers, wives, and lovers, second to man. If we are fortunate to have a man in our lives we are happy and satisfied. Still, there is a longing for something more.

Most women yearn to be a woman with an identity outside of being a mother and wife and working for someone. To proclaim to the world that I have something valuable to offer. That something will bring harmony to the world.

If we women continue to play second not only will our lives be shrouded in unfulfillment but we do a disservice to the world. The world seeks balance, like, Ying and Yang, up and down, in and out, woman and man, boy and girl. We have an essential role to play. Until we define that role, we will continue to seek fulfillment in things outside of ourselves or get lost in a relationship trying to be whole. We are complete just as we are. The only thing is to believe.

We are the carriers of culture. It is our responsibility to guide and mode children. As educators, we must begin to cultivate relationships that empower women and help to define the role of women in life. No longer is it acceptable to just do the job we must, be more. The world needs the feminine energy to balance the male.

For too long men have had their hand in shaping human life. Look what they have done. They have done all they can because men are ill-equipped for the job. Just like our current president is ill-equipped to be the president. We must stop following blindly those leaders just because they have been assigned the position. To hold the position requires more than a rigged election or to be put in power because you have the right skin or of the right gender.

Leaders must emerge that want to transform the world.

We must begin to build a feminine leadership culture based on the feminine principles of unity, interconnection, and harmony. There is a life pulsating inside of you, waiting to birth into the world. A self that is eternal, a self that knows and is connected to the wisdom of the world. You must take time to get in touch with this internal life.

We Women as educators have been given a sacred task. To ensure that society flourishes and thrives. The current leadership in the White House reminds me all too well that we must step out from behind the comfort of your desk and stand on the platform and announce to the world that we will lead the charge for a better future for our children. and society

If you came to education to make a difference? This is the right place. Currently, there is a moral decline in the world. It started the moment we traded in our voice for a paycheck. Mothers send their children out into the world ill-prepared to defend themselves from the educational system. A system that wants to take over as the life of the child.

Through our leadership, we can empower all children in our care. This is nothing short of a miracle. Like birth which is also a miracle. Do you believe in miracles? Do you see them every day as you gaze out your window and see the magnificent cities we live in? The wonderful gadgets technology has created to shrink the world down to a manageable size. To be able to speak and see someone on the other side of the world. These are small miracles. We too can create similar miracles with our intention.

It is the intention that sets the focus.  The forces then begin to align with your will. Everything you need will appear to make your dreams happen for you. You must lead with the wisdom deep in your life. All you need do is sit quietly in contemplation. Ask the God you believe in for the wisdom and the strength to move on to a higher plane of living.


Seven Keys that Open the Door to the Vast Inner Life

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Digging to the Core of the Earth to find the…

Seven Keys that Open the Door to the Vast Inner Life.

How you can use your mind to break through the many layers of the earth? The first step is to quiet the mind and meditate. Which brings you calmness and a clarity. This is the level closest to the surface. This is where you must exert the greatest power.  It is through the power of unity; of spirit; of emotion, and the mental clarity that you will find the strength to break through the delusions and darkness that has clouded your judgment. You have begun the journey beneath the surface of the earth. It is here you will find the Seven Keys that open the door to the vast inner life and experience abundant freedom.

The next level down below the surface of the earth, in darkness, spirit grows. It has sat waiting until the time it was ripe with the fullness of life. It now emerges into the waking state into a Powerful Presence.

This break from the illusions of the lesser self-reveals the power of the feminine aspect of life.  This power moves the wind; that spins the earth on its own axis; the invisible power in the universe. Some call it God, I call it the Human Spirit.

Spirits’ true nature is knowing; 

Three layers down from through the surface of the earth reveals a calmness. It is out of the storm, in the center where peace reigns. Here you can see henceforth where the next storm brakes which expand your capacity for being in the world. You become able to hold on in the face of the constantly changing reality. There is a knowing that pulsates out of immediate awareness, sitting mindfully you’re able to discern the subtle movements of this nature.

You are able to visualize your way out of harm’s way into another,  because you are writing the story from your vantage point below the storm with an expanded awareness of how to solve the problem and which way to go. You are filled with wisdom and courage.  You are able to discern reality as it unfolds from a detached state of mind like the dawning of day, light floods your way illuminating the path before you. Take one step then the other till you are at your destination.

The last layer down you discards the anger; the rage; the delusion; all that has been buried away in the fiery core of the earth. All that remains in the essence of you. A solid inner self-adorned with jewels sparkling like the night star. 

You arrive clothed in righteousness, justice, love, compassion and wisdom. You ascend back to the surface of the earth, born again, all your outer garment of suspicion, fear, hatred have been stripped bare, what remains is the essence of you. You true nature.


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Mindfulness is a Fearless Presence; it consists of being sensitive to each moment, regarding it as new and unique, having an open mind and being wholly receptive to the experience.



Chronicle the Black Woman's Rise, Seven Keys to Life, The Great Awakening, Womanist Empowerment

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It is January1, 2016; Happy New Year!

The truth of  life is we are Human Beings. A greater purpose for living was revealed to me when I uncovered the law permeating in the depths of my being. Humanity has discovered many laws working in the universe. Man split the atom to make a hydrogen bomb. This latest discovery of Quantum Physics revealed an internal world concealed in darkness. These findings were possible because during the observation the law revealed its truth . I am an explorer after truth and knowledge that will free me from the self-imposed prison I found myself in.  The Law of Life revealed itself after I tore through the hard exterior that had enclosed my heart and peered inside and found compassion and wisdom.

The wisdom inherent in all of Humanity. It is more powerful than the boundless mind; it a reservoir of swirling possibility. Grasp the meaning of your advent in this world and perceive with your heart. The Law of Life which contain the wisdom of Humanity. All the Sciences, Arts and Culture which will make you a Global Citizen in 2016.

Peer into the collective wisdom of the Human Being. With a click of your mouse you can access any information you want on the internet. In quiet meditation, open the inner eye and the universe will reveal its secrets to you. I peeled back layers of the hard core surrounding me and there was a big secret hiding in darkness. I was a victim and powerlessness to change my life.

Growing up in American I perceived that dark-skinned people were to wear the brand of a second-class citizen. It is a garment that was not suitable to wear. Jacket stripped off, tattered and shredding revealed a better life that had been denied me. Awakened was a greater self- flowering through four hundred years of inequality.

The school was the place I thought would welcome ideas. Regrettably, school felt like prisons and factories. Feeling devalued and wanting teachers to like me I lingered in the darkness afraid to be express what was important to me. Sadly, the disrespect and dislike shut me down. I found myself on the fringes afraid to enter, so I walked away from my career in education.

Another group I was a part of referred to me as, Sister Outsider when they assigned me a poem to read, title the same. It was the height of my involvement in Community Arts for Social Change. We, women, celebrated the life of Audre Lorde. Each one of us read her poems. This group of women never truly embraced me or saw me as their equal. They labeled me, Sister Outside because of my refusal to assimilate into mainstream American Culture. A culture of fear that wants control and power over Humanity. This American way of life seemed so artificial compared to how a different world-view was opening to me. I was always genuine, so I thought.

Bu the reality was; I was not true to myself. I held back expressing my ideas because I did not see a reflection of myself in society. Secretly I felt worthless and inferior, so I joined the Army to prove I was just as good as the White Man. At camp, everybody just went alone. I did not, and consequently, I was almost kicked out. The SGT Major at my university where I was enrolled believed in me. I won the discharge, regrettably I received a 3M and would never be able to go on active duty. Being excluded from serving on active duty was a blessing in disguise.

What I have come to know about growing up as Black Woman in a White world. The world we live in is a world of Myths lived as something real, from Santa Claus to the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny. These childhood myths seep into adulthood, and we teach them to our children never really knowing the damage they do to the dignity of Black life.

This past Christmas 2015 I refused to celebrate. A Facebook video I watched revealed to me the reality of December 25. It is an explanation of the Winter Solstice and what happens with the Sun. We celebrate December 25 as many cultures do as a way of building community. On the 25th of December the Sun returns from three days of rest.

The Sun begins it progress back across the sky and the days begin to lengthen again. Yes, the three days preceding the sun appears as if the sun is at rest then arises the third day. The three kings mentioned in the Bible is a constellation in the sky. The man twisted the story into one that honors a White man named Jesus who they say cheated death and was raised from the dead. I also found out the stories we believe in are central to most cultures to explain life to an immature mind.

2016 is the year of the my Great Awakening to the Truth of Life. The truth that we are beacons of light. Light Energy vibrating at an incredible rate of speed. So fast it is 96.6 degrees that warms the body and all iternal organs. We are a force creating life. This force becomes conscious of itself and begins to watch and awakens to the truth of life just as it is.
Tune in for Part 2 a bit later this year.



Building a Strong Inner LIfe through Poetry & Talk, Seven Keys to Life


The Universe passing through the life of a Black Woman; Her experience living inside Black skin. In the South, when an afro and roaming the Black neighborhood was the thing to do.

My life dived onto the neighborhood, to the corner store and down the street. Parties in basements, music blaring load, stealing kisses behind the cellar door.

Moved out of the projects into a brick home on a street lined with trees. The river flowed in our back yard. Picked up balls golfers hit on Shawnee Golf Course, sold them as golfers passed by.

Shawnee Park housed WLOU Summer Jams. A city tradition each summer that feed our community love. At sixteen, family life started to take a back seat to friends and hanging out.

Bused to a school across town with white girls. First time I had been out my neighborhood. The girls acted just like me. I do not know what the fuss was about. I felt like an outsider sitting in Geometry. The other black girl soon disappeared leaving me to fend for myself.

High school life became a living tragedy. I left in the middle of eleventh grade because the mother wanted me away from Frank. Came back my senior year, to the same school. Then suddenly, the counselor pulled me aside as my belly started to rise. She told me about a school for unwed mothers and off I departed. I graduated with my class but was not being invited to any parties. My little baby and Frank were the ones who greeted me.

The Branch’s, a modern day Family Clan became my new family after my parents split up. I was in the hospital twice, in a span of two years because of physical and mental abuse from Frank. My father’s second wife, Gloria saw me through the break-up when the physical and mental abuse was too much to bear.

Soon I started college looking for a better life. I found a love for learning, Philosophy and Psychology. It taught me amazing things.  I began this quest to absorb everything, as much as my brain could hold. I left formal education and self-education and the library became my new best friends.

I did not have a voice; I could not find the words to speak. I stuffed my emotions down deep and continued to live my life until it too was too much to bear. I gave up teaching, what I loved most, walked away from marriage to a man I thought I would always love and my faith practice of fifteen years.

I felt betrayed and cut off from society so all I could do was write. I wrote myself a new life, I wrote a past and future too. I wrote about sorrow, joy and happiness.  I wrote about the invisibility of being Black in America.

My life inverted in 2001, like a perfect storm. Words streamed out and I wrote poetry. First, was the downpour then slowly a stream when I learned of expertise?

Writing liberated the woman in me and healed my broken heart. I have come to realize. I am not this body, not this gender either, but the Universe in a drop of water. A small voice that became loud when realized it is the power of Love. I am on a mission to build a Culture of Healing that restores the minds and bodies of Black Girls.


Building a Strong Inner LIfe through Poetry & Talk, My Internal Life, Seven Keys to Life

This morning I lay in bed in a particular mood all too familiar to me. Only this time I had taken time before I rose to utilize a Mindfulness technique that I discovered. It is the fourth Key in the Seven Keys to Life.

The first step in mindfulness is to uncover what is unconscious in my experience. As I lay in bed, I acknowledged that something had triggered my moodiness.  I investigated by asking a few question about what made me feel that way.

I had realized the day before I made a decision to start a membership site after listening to a free webinar. I have been attracted to this idea of free information on the web. The topics interest me and have helped me in my search for purpose and meaning.

This was my pattern; Set a goal and work towards it until something else caught my attention and off I went. I recalled when I was in graduate school, I would go to school for the rest of my life If I could find a way to get paid. This set in motion the idea of learning.

I have been trapped in the world of learing. Seeking more and more information but could not not find a way to implement what I had been taught. Well anyway, I made a commitment to stay on the path of writing five hundred words a day towards completing a manuscript that will launch my Social, Emotional and Spiritual Development Program.

The second goal was to keep focused. Here I was again following the next shinny object that had captured my attention. This had been a pattern for the past few years. I have been unable to get traction towards completing anything.

I realized this pattern of living defeats my purpose of writing and obtaining my goals. It is no wonder I get moody. I had traversed off the path and away from my goal. The last step in the four stages is non-identification.

I observed what had caused my sulky attitude and decided to not get lost in the feeling and get off track. Soon I was back on the saddle ready to ride towards my destination. This time I did not let my moodiness deter me from striving toward my goals.