Black Panther Nation

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From the lands across the sea,

To the bottom of the ocean floor.

Dwells the spirit of an African nation.

Held down,

By forces of Empire-building.

Living on the earth has made her strong.

Her inner light shines in the morning sun,

Like gold mined from the cavern of the Soul.

A presence resonates in her heart.

On her tongues, spewing from her pores.

She has reclaimed the lost spirit of an African nation

Blood mixed with all manner of people,

Bubbles to the surface,

Sizzles on an open flame

                      Burning for over two thousand years

Spent poison has been released

Like a covering over the earth

Shields life from the cold harsh climate of winter

Black Panther Nation is on the prowl

Coming out from the mountains and low lands

Finds a piece of earth

Settles in for the night

Awaits the morning

For its earthly forage.

Blogging 2018

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Writing as a Practice of Mindfulness

A sort of remembering of a past experience.
This time with detached emotions,
Through the lens of an adult who stepped back into the past to recover a memory that had shaped her life.

It was-like browsing through a picture album of the mind seeing a distorted image of a life lived; from on top of the mountain; into the deepest valley, only to return to the same spot from which I had begun.

Holding onto that image of a little girl sitting all alone, with the innocence of a new born.
Caused undue stress and strain on the body. Now fifty years later has taken hold.

Fifty years ago Pamala sat and tried to make sense of what she was experiencing.
Words eluded her.

She only had a feeing that she could accurately describes,
Which etched itself onto the soft confines of her mind;
It was a seed planted in fertile ground.

As the seed took hold and began to grow;
Unaware Pamala feed it fear, loneliness and unworthiness,

Experience proved her right.
As she continued to hold onto this image like a covering for her loneliness.

She tried to comfort herself.
Only her tiny arms could not fully embrace her whole self.

She was left feeling empty.
Never would her belly be full.
She never knew that she was always whole and complete.

Feeling empty was a falsehood that she told herself and was determined to make real.

So began the process of creating a life
Experience shaped her mind; fear filled her heart.
Her soul continued to search for a resting place.
A quiet spot to call her own.

Glimpses of a life would appear
Only to be covered over with the Karma she created each time she told herself thelie.

The lie shrouded her truth.
The ache in her heart grew stronger pounding her head until the mind shut down and went into hibernation.

Down a deep dark cavern she sunk.
With no light Pamala wandered for many years trying to find a way out.

Shrouded in darkness forced me to look within for a source of light.

Blogging 2018

Back to Nature, Building a Strong Inner LIfe through Poetry & Talk, Chronicle the Black Woman's Rise, Empowered Woman, Manifest 2017, New Millennium Poetry, Virtual Retreat, Womanist Empowerment



Winter of Discontentment

This cold, freezing temperature has me frozen solid unable to move, to distinguish what is solid and what is flowing water.

This ache in my belly; this unfamiliarity has me stuck as waves of biting cold lull me into a deep sleep, sort of like a coma that I seem unable to wake from.

The the claws of fatigue drag me into an unproductive stupor; a kind of holding place before I am swept out into the open sea.

Out into the middle of the sea, the frigid water take my strength away as wave upon wave crash onto me. I hold tight to as the hammering continue.

In a bewildered state I see familiar faces and words that I reach and try to grab a hold of which has held me to the bottom of the sea and given me a sense of inner security.

My arms start to flail as find a rhythm that will keep me afloat.

One long deep breath and I am swimming across the surface of the sea.

Days I drift until shore seems approachable.

Nearing the shoreline I see people wave; two males swim out and greet me.

I lay limp as they drape a life vest around me and pull me to shore.

On solid ground I open my eyes to the bright sunshine; to the winds brushing across my cheeks; to the smiles and laughter that greet me; to the arms that embrace me; to the love surrounding me; to the open waters that have cleansed me.

I turn and take one last look at the vast waters that I have just emerged from.

A smile crosses my  lips; a copper glow emits from my skin…

My insides have been emptied into the depths of the vast sea.

Informal Educator

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IE Teaches the Empowered Woman Course To Change Makers and women who do not ascribe to maintaining the status quo, who want to create a better world for children, students and all of Humanity.

She realizes she has lived in the shadow of her true self. She kept quiet because she did not want to rock the boat, be seen as an agitator, trouble maker or radical.

She knows her silence only reinforces more of the same. In 2017 the world begins to resemble the hell she fears most. She must do something lest she watch the world burn.

She searches for another way to be in the world. She has had glimpses of a greater self, evolving in the shadows, growing stronger in the dark, un-hampered by those who would destroy her spirit.

She believes in the power within to meet any resistance and transform it into something that will propel her forward on her path to the sea.

Her vast potential laying dormant, like a molecule of water that once aligns with the sea begins to crash and wash over anything in its’ wake.


Chronicle the Black Woman's Rise, New Millennium Poetry, The Great Awakening 2016, Womanist Empowerment


So it is Written; So it shall Be.

Shake loose the shackles.

Rattle caged bars.

Unfasten the lock.

Break free from America’s

Hold on me!

Raised in a Culture.

Assigned a number at birth.

Registered in the city.

Where my mother and father lived.

Clothed in Innocence.

Stripped of my organic nature,

The dress I wore,

Was someone’s else’s design.

Without a model.

That I could conceive.

No matter how I tried.

It never fit me.

Finished trying to put on that dress.

Done trying to fit in.

Found the steps to create me.


Chronicle the Black Woman's Rise, New Millennium Poetry, Womanist Empowerment, Womanist Leadership

FORMATION: The Black Woman’s National Anthem

2016 the Black Woman Commands National Attention.

Feet stomping, Fist raised,

Voice rise to a Crescendo,

Fill the Clouds.

Drops like a rain on the Nation.

People look around to see what is wet.

Unnerving the Status Quo.

Never thought Beyoncé was a Black Girl.

Considered that the establishment had bought her Soul.

She showed on the scene.

Held down the notion that the Black Woman is FREE.

Her voice resounds throughout the crowd,


Lives before were put on the line.

Malcolm X assignation.

Michael Jackson a Super Star.

Lift from your seat,


Pick up a book,

Know your History.

Before The Revolution passes by


Be a part of the Rhythm Creation.

Align your Heart, Mind and Soul

To the Beat of…

A Rhythm Nation,

An African Pulse,

Passed across the Sea.

A Drum Beat,

Sound that drenches the sky.

Douses Bombs, Violence and Deceit.

Crying mothers, We hear your call.

Lift your son high so he can reach the sky.

Let your daughter get in FORMATION

The train leaves at noon.

Head for the station

To a leading destination,

A place in the night sky.

Shine like a star.

Seen for millions of miles.

We are the women.

Lining up in FORMATION.

Step boldly out of the shadows into the light.

We are a FORMATION of dreamers

An African Nation.

A Tendency Toward War

Building a Strong Inner LIfe through Poetry & Talk, Chronicle the Black Woman's Rise, New Millennium Poetry, Womanist Empowerment

What lies beneath the soul?
A tendency toward war,
A drift towards violence,
Directed towards another man,
Rooted in hopelessness,
Completely destroys the land.

A tendency towards war,
Entrenched in self-denial,
Directed by the man across the land,
Brand him… no man.

A tendency towards violence,
An animal by design,
Lives a life of crime,
When will it end?

War spreads across the sea,
Terror he spreads across the land,
Cuts hearts of children.

When will man see past his greed and hostility?
So children can live with dignity,
When will he create silence on the land?
Halt world war III,
So children can live peacefully.

When will the tendency towards war be forbidden?
Can the man see another way?
Understand the man,
Across the sand,
Embrace him as brother man,
Lead as a model for the world.

How many human lives, must be sacrificed,
At what cost?
To ensure power never leaves his hands?

A high price for the young man,
Sent across the land to kill another man
Different skin color,
Same blood running through his veins.
Has daughters that live in the sand.

When will the tendency to kill and main, destroy and pollute,
Be a crime of the highest end,
The ones who kill stripped from the land,
The power is given over to…
“Children of the Land


Building a Strong Inner LIfe through Poetry & Talk, Chronicle the Black Woman's Rise, New Millennium Poetry, Womanist Empowerment, Womanist Leadership

Wrapped in shiny paper and a big bow on top.
A Presence that assures Peace and Harmony.
A protective arm around hurt and sorrow.
An Ear to the ground that feels heavy footsteps as they trample near.
An eye to see beyond Violence and Tyranny.
Women raise your arm and quiet the Sea.
Feel it rumble underneath your embrace,
As it gently raises people from the silent cry of hopelessness.
Into the open Sky!
A clear view from above.
Able to see mountains and valleys.
Navigate the turbulent Sea.
Await the wind that moves your view.