Digging to the Core of the Earth to find the… Seven Keys that Open the Door to the Vast Inner Life.

How you can use your mind to break through the many layers of earth, of self. The first layer, the one closest to the surface is where you must exert the greatest power, the power of spirit, of emotion, of mental and physical to break through delusions and darkness and journey beneath the earth to... Continue Reading →

SUPER MOON SEPTEMBER 2016- A Time of Renewal and Rebirth

SUPER MOON SEPTEMBER 2016 #Transformation Leader #September 2015 #Super Moon Greeting, Transformation Leaders, The new generation of women who lead through the Feminine Form. Last months Super Moon has us poised and ready to step into the Twenty-First Century with a new attitude and a new way to be. Begin to embody the feminine aspect... Continue Reading →


Every day the media blast people with senseless violence until it no longer shocks us. It is a part of the landscape of American Life. This is #killingofChurchHouse9 is an act of evil. There is anger and there is the rage. Our lives do go on. But I want you to take a moment, pause and reflect if this is the America, you want to protect? Is there is a better way that we can live our lives?

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