The Heart

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I lived with this deep, dark cavern
In the depths of my soul
A vastness that would never be filled.

Like traveling around the globe
Looking for something,
That would fill the void.

Filled it with sex.
A pleasure
That was

An appetite
For danger,
Destroyer of happiness.

Caught in a vortex spinning,
Out of control.

Searching for a life vest
In the middle of the ocean.

Drifting on a current
Tossed and turned.

Propelled to the
Middle of the ocean.
Drowning in a
Pool of desire
That would never be filled.

Loneliness consumed

So adrift
On an

Many moons have appeared
Then disappeared.
Many seasons have changed.

Trends have come and gone
Money has reappeared.

Left is a heart broken opened
Till it had nothing left.

So it begins to heal itself
From the inside.

Closing the wounds
Applying temporary bandages
Just for some relief.

Until the heart
Has a steady beat
“Put Your Finger on the Pulse
and Feel the Beat,
The Rhythm of Life.”

A path of peace, love and joy
Is the way this heart
Has decided to live.

Knowing desires brings,
Both joy and pain.
Like a fish and water.

Looking from a distance
At the hurt,
Releasing the pain.

A little at a time.
Like squeezing the heart.
Letting the pain ooze out.

Each day a little brighter,
Each moment
Fills a tiny space.

Until the heart is full.
And can rest.
Each day a bit stronger.
No longer searching outside itself
for Happiness.

Embrace The Way

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Embrace the Way

During my morning meditation,

I lay underneath my blankets.

Breath enters through my nose,

And exit by way of my mouth.

Cucumbers refresh my eyes.

My mind is akin to…

Fast roadways roaming,

Thru mid-morning trade.

My life stretches out in front of me.

Like words floating in mid-air.

I turn and observe

From an expansive viewpoint,

Yet sorrow commands my eye.

It has put down roots,

Walls and a roof,

Filled the room with sadness.

Emotions pushed to the extreme

Creates an opening,

That has let light in.

I thrust past the pain,

Into the vast morning sky,

Scattering teardrops,

That fall.

Flowers grow

Where once were only weeds.

Thriving amidst

 The unforgiving truths

That had been part of my life.

Blogging 2018

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Writing as a Practice of Mindfulness

A sort of remembering of a past experience.
This time with detached emotions,
Through the lens of an adult who stepped back into the past to recover a memory that had shaped her life.

It was-like browsing through a picture album of the mind seeing a distorted image of a life lived; from on top of the mountain; into the deepest valley, only to return to the same spot from which I had begun.

Holding onto that image of a little girl sitting all alone, with the innocence of a new born.
Caused undue stress and strain on the body. Now fifty years later has taken hold.

Fifty years ago Pamala sat and tried to make sense of what she was experiencing.
Words eluded her.

She only had a feeing that she could accurately describes,
Which etched itself onto the soft confines of her mind;
It was a seed planted in fertile ground.

As the seed took hold and began to grow;
Unaware Pamala feed it fear, loneliness and unworthiness,

Experience proved her right.
As she continued to hold onto this image like a covering for her loneliness.

She tried to comfort herself.
Only her tiny arms could not fully embrace her whole self.

She was left feeling empty.
Never would her belly be full.
She never knew that she was always whole and complete.

Feeling empty was a falsehood that she told herself and was determined to make real.

So began the process of creating a life
Experience shaped her mind; fear filled her heart.
Her soul continued to search for a resting place.
A quiet spot to call her own.

Glimpses of a life would appear
Only to be covered over with the Karma she created each time she told herself thelie.

The lie shrouded her truth.
The ache in her heart grew stronger pounding her head until the mind shut down and went into hibernation.

Down a deep dark cavern she sunk.
With no light Pamala wandered for many years trying to find a way out.

Shrouded in darkness forced me to look within for a source of light.

Informal Educator

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IE Teaches the Empowered Woman Course To Change Makers and women who do not ascribe to maintaining the status quo, who want to create a better world for children, students and all of Humanity.

She realizes she has lived in the shadow of her true self. She kept quiet because she did not want to rock the boat, be seen as an agitator, trouble maker or radical.

She knows her silence only reinforces more of the same. In 2017 the world begins to resemble the hell she fears most. She must do something lest she watch the world burn.

She searches for another way to be in the world. She has had glimpses of a greater self, evolving in the shadows, growing stronger in the dark, un-hampered by those who would destroy her spirit.

She believes in the power within to meet any resistance and transform it into something that will propel her forward on her path to the sea.

Her vast potential laying dormant, like a molecule of water that once aligns with the sea begins to crash and wash over anything in its’ wake.

Seven Keys that Open the Door to the Vast Inner Life

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Digging to the Core of the Earth to find the…

Seven Keys that Open the Door to the Vast Inner Life.

How you can use your mind to break through the many layers of the earth? The first step is to quiet the mind and meditate. Which brings you calmness and a clarity. This is the level closest to the surface. This is where you must exert the greatest power.  It is through the power of unity; of spirit; of emotion, and the mental clarity that you will find the strength to break through the delusions and darkness that has clouded your judgment. You have begun the journey beneath the surface of the earth. It is here you will find the Seven Keys that open the door to the vast inner life and experience abundant freedom.

The next level down below the surface of the earth, in darkness, spirit grows. It has waited until the time was ripe with the fullness of life. It now emerges into the waking state into a Powerful Presence.

This break from the illusions of the lesser self-reveals the power of the feminine aspect of life.  This power moves the wind; that spins the earth on its’ axis; the invisible power in the universe. Some call it God, I call it the Human Spirit.

Spirits’ true nature is knowing; 

Three layers down from the surface of the earth reveals a calmness. It is out of the storm; In the center where peace reigns. Here your capacity expands. You become able to hold steady in the face of the constantly changing reality. There is a knowing that pulsates out of immediate awareness, sitting mindfully you’re able to discern the subtle movements of this nature.

You are able to visualize your way out of harm’s way,  because you are writing the story from your vantage point below the storm with an expanded awareness of how to solve the problem and which way to go.

You are filled with wisdom and courage.  You are able to discern reality as it unfolds. Light floods onto pathway illuminating the way. Take one step, then the other in till you arrive at your destination.

The last layer down you discard the anger; the rage; the delusion; all that has been buried away in the fiery core of the earth. All that remains in the essence of you. A solid inner self-adorned with jewels sparkling like the night star. 

You have arrive; bathed in righteousness, justice, love, compassion and wisdom. You ascend back to the surface of the earth.  Your outer garments of suspicion, fear, hatred have been burned away. What remains is the essence of you. Your true nature.

Digging to the Core of the Earth to find the… Seven Keys that Open the Door to the Vast Inner Life.

Back to Nature, Building a Strong Inner LIfe through Poetry & Talk, Empowered Woman, My Internal Life

How you can use your mind to break through the many layers of earth, of self. The first layer, the one closest to the surface is where you must exert the greatest power, the power of spirit, of emotion, of mental and physical to break through delusions and darkness and journey beneath the earth to find the seven keys that open the door to the vast inner life.
Deep below the surface of the earth, in darkness, spirit grows stronger, till the time ripe with the fullness and fruit of life to emerge into the waking state into a Powerful Presence that breaks free from the illusions of the lesser self to reveal the power of the feminine. The power that moves the wind, that spins the earth on its own axis; the invisible power in the universe, some call God, I call the Human Spirit.
Spirits true nature is knowing; for in dark souls bump one into the other striking blindly at an imaged foe, unable to see clearly in anger, or delusions.
Three layers down from the surface of the earth reveals a calmness. Out of the storm, in the center there’s peace. One can see where the next storm is coming from, rendering you better prepared to hold on in the face of changing reality. There’s a knowing that pulsates out of immediate awareness, sitting mindful you’re able to discern the subtle movements of this nature.
You can visualize your way out of harm’s way into another tale because you’re the one writing the story; from your vantage point which is below the storm with an expanded awareness of how to solve the problem and which way to go. You are filled with wisdom and courage. You can discern reality as it unfolds from a detached state of mind like the dawning of day, light floods your way illuminating the path before you. Take one step then the other till you are at your destination.
One layer down you discard anger and rage, and delusions, all have been burned away in the fiery core of earth. All that remains in the essence of you. A solid inner self adorned with jewels sparkling like the night star, radiant.
You arrive clothed in righteousness, justice, love, compassion and wisdom. You ascend back to the surface of the earth, born again, all your outer garment of suspicion, fear, hatred have been stripped bare, what remains is the essence of you. Your true nature.

SUPER MOON SEPTEMBER 2016- A Time of Renewal and Rebirth

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#Transformation Leader

#September 2015

#Super Moon

Greeting, Transformation Leaders, The new generation of women who lead through the Feminine Form. Last months Super Moon has us poised and ready to step into the Twenty-First Century with a new attitude and a new way to be. Begin to embody the feminine aspect of life and lead from a place ripe with authenticity. It is the kind of power as gentle as a breeze that blows off the ocean, as strong as a storm coming in from far off the coast. A part of nature, tied to the very earth we live on. Located in the womb. At you disposal anytime you tune in. Insync with the moon that illuminates the night.

Let us think for a moment on our bodies and the connection to the cycle of the moon. It is a thirty-day thing and you know what I mean. Each month women experience a menstrual cycle, some call it a curse, but whoever labeled it must have been a man. He got that part twisted. The release of blood from the lining of the womb is a sacred thing, a tearing away and beginning again.

First blood streams throughout, an internal cleaning; a time to renew your mind, body and soul. A release of pain and discomfort because the very thing you want to hold onto is released as bloods leaves the womb. Grow to be more in tune with your body; a greater self-awareness will be your greatest asset. Understand the source of feminine power is inside the womb. Set aside each month time to align yourself with what is going on inside your womb.

The womb holds mysterious power for the woman. Some may know of its power. Others are just realizing. The womb is a soft, warm place where life began. It is also the place where you power reside. Why do you think men want to control? They know if they control, you are at his demands. Anyway, let us get back to the cycle of the moon.

This month is a Super charged Moon? A Blood Moon it is called. It is a time for you to release a lifetime of pain and suffering. Make it your intention to heal the wounds of your heart and forgive those who have hurt you the most. Do not hold onto the pain. It will only cause more disease and heartache.

You can stop the hurt and not pass it on to your children. You can release the suffering and begin to love again. The type of love that heals. It is your Super Power. Heal and pass on the wisdom and strength of your sorrow. You have lived this life because of your desire to heal this in others. You have seen days where you may have wanted to give in. Nevertheless, you held on, you believed. This is your Super Power.

Women the nurturer, the guide, the source of power yet realized. Your life is more valuable than money or gold. To your family, your community and ultimately the world.


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The summer of 2015, a watershed moment when tired old ways give way to new life, a fresh way to live, love, work, and play. Black conscious people such as Dr. King, Malcolm X and Angela Davis transformed the era of White Supremacy, terror and hate, making way for riddance of un-just-laws.

The State gave the order to lower the flag; nonetheless, some wanted it to fly. The past era has been the time of the white man. That season is past. Go and retire to the knolls and let America be. The future belongs to children, those yet to thrive.

America is the land of abundance, where the idea of democracy never really had the chance to bloom. Nevertheless, she became a wealthy and powerful empire on the free labor of an enslaved race. White Culture flourished; Black Culture did not. Black People were not Americans in the eyes of the law, such hypocrisy, leaving a land and building one on the same discriminatory law.

Another America exists under dark skin. Deprived of a homeland, robbed of a culture, children stripped from the arms of crying mothers, women raped by the white man, the black man castrated and hung from a tree. This came from the dark heart of man. This is a history too important to ignore least the victims continue serving a nation with a grand plan.

The killer of “The Charleston 9” wore the flag that reminds that the South covet the old ways at the expense of Black life. #BlackLivesMatter became a movement to strip from the grips the culture that denounces the dignity of Black life.

The killer of the Charleston 9 reared its ugly head and showed the evils of terror and hate. Hatred has no power in the coming light; fear can no longer keep a black nation from assuming its time in the light. Black people will no longer be the target of your malice and fright.

A Black Conscious Woman has awakened to the past. It was a time when injustice and terror enslaved the mind and body of the black race. I will no longer live in servitude to a nation that kills its own black child. A nation that enslaves and covet the hearts and minds of the young; kill in the name of peace; dumb down education so children will not think; wants blind allegiance to a flag of racism, bigotry, fear and hate.

The dark day has birthed new light. Those who came to power by enslaving a black race did not understand, you could not forever hold out the light. Black people are poised to rise past what the ruling class had in mind when Black People arrived on the shores of America. Yours the most unspeakable evil on a people and you proclaim religious right.

Four hundred years later the law removed outward measures of segregation and discrimination. What remains is a blemish on the heart of man.  Greed and power have amassed an arsenal of hate that will annihilate the entire human race.

However, as if everything that rises has to fall it is natural law. Those that were on the bottom shall climb to the top and led the nation, as a phoenix that rises from the ashes of destruction to the peak of victory.

The Black woman has filled her life until it is full. She has to release the past, least it destroy her bright future. She studied the time and the environment where she lived. Read until her head hurt because she had consumed so much knowledge that her life felt as if it would burst. She had to let go of the dark past so her heart would be next to the moon that glows and show her the

way through the darkest night.

She steps into the light, with the wisdom of a people. Pain and heartache she consumed and made it her own. The time has come to assume her place and lead the Black race from the place of demise to the place of honor at a table set for a feast.

I want you to indulge in the plate that I sit before you filled with determination and a lineage of resistance of a powerful black race. Hold the line, be the spine for the Black Family. Take the abuse, take the pain, and transform it into something useful that will make you robust.

Dreams take the time to mature. The desire for Black America to be free is in the wind. Take flight on the idea that you are free. No one can take it from you.  It is a goal of financial and religious freedom, a boundless mission filled with happiness and self-worth.