The Evolved Woman

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Here are a few more traits of a highly evolved woman.
11 Traits of a highly evolved woman
1. Spirit is the foundation of which she builds herself.
2. She embraces her sensual feminine nature of emotional intelligence.
3. She controls her conversation and steers clear from gossip, slander, and negative energy.
4. She identifies pleasure opportunities everyday and indulges in a way that makes her proud
5. She supports other women.
6. She continually increases her self-esteem through small and large achievements.
7. Her personal life, love life, and home life are high on her priority and come ahead of her business life. She knows financial success does not cure loneliness and the need for love.
8. She disciplines and educates herself in finances and grows herself into a wise consumer.
9. She educates herself about men from a place of wisdom, desire, success, and passion, and only moves towards love from a place of wisdom, emotional intelligence, and vulnerability.
10. She understands all children are her children. Teaching, nurturing, protecting, and honoring children that cross her path is a higher calling.
11. She understands that her anger, sadness, and pain are also useable fuels when re-channeled and re-channeling creates deep healing.


A Seven Step Personal Transformation, Chronicle the Black Woman's Rise, Empowered Woman, Mindfulness, The Great Awakening 2016, Womanist Empowerment

Mindfulness Transcends

Today begins a new day.

I crawl out of this old skin of anger, hopelessness, and apathy.

Like a beetle that creeps out its’ exoskeleton.

Before that happens,

There must be a transformation on the inside.

A sort of rebuilding of the self.

A shift in awareness from the body,

Which like a beetle creates a-new.

I have been many such bodies.

An infant, a toddler, a teenager now an adult.

Finally, old age settles like the dew on the morning  grass.

Clings for a moment then ascends.

So with this practice of Mindfulness.

You must transcend the limitations of the physical body.

Enter into a Spiritual Body

Detached from the suffering and pain.

Unmoved by the smallness of the ego.

Embrace the vastness of life.

Hold onto the mystery and wonder of the Mind.

Transcend the problems of the flesh

Enter into the sacredness of the

Spiritual Body


Mindfulness, The Great Awakening, The Great Awakening 2016, Womanist Empowerment

Mindfulness is Non-Reactive

Why do I need a retort to anything displeasing ? Why do I feel the need to defend?  As I look further into the experience, I acknowledge that when a person attacks me I feel threatened and need to retaliate, as I do not want to appear weak and be the target of a person’s hate.

What could the person really say that would hurt me? Do I give my power over to the other and let her know where I am wounded and let her continue  to pour salt into an open wound? Will it hurt more? What is hurting about the situation? Do I feel like a victim? Is this person victimizing me?

I look back into my history and I have felt victimized by people. Both by the words and physical violence. I recognize people can hurt me. This was an attitude that I had as a child. I did not have much power then, but now I do.

I look deeper and can see where the words came from and why the girl said those mean things. The girl told me she hated light-skinned girls with long hair. She slung her hate toward me. I look at her and see she is neither light-skinned nor do she have long hair. She is jealous and angry. It is her feelings. I do not own them. I let the comments go like a feather blowing in the wind.

There are many instances when we are the recipient of negative emotions. We can let the emotion spring up without reacting and watch it disappear. It is mindful attention that you become aware what is invisible in your experience and what may be the intentions of another.



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Mindfulness is a Fearless Presence; it consists of being sensitive to each moment, regarding it as new and unique, having an open mind and being wholly receptive to the experience.