The Evolved Woman

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Here are a few more traits of a highly evolved woman.
11 Traits of a highly evolved woman
1. Spirit is the foundation of which she builds herself.
2. She embraces her sensual feminine nature of emotional intelligence.
3. She controls her conversation and steers clear from gossip, slander, and negative energy.
4. She identifies pleasure opportunities everyday and indulges in a way that makes her proud
5. She supports other women.
6. She continually increases her self-esteem through small and large achievements.
7. Her personal life, love life, and home life are high on her priority and come ahead of her business life. She knows financial success does not cure loneliness and the need for love.
8. She disciplines and educates herself in finances and grows herself into a wise consumer.
9. She educates herself about men from a place of wisdom, desire, success, and passion, and only moves towards love from a place of wisdom, emotional intelligence, and vulnerability.
10. She understands all children are her children. Teaching, nurturing, protecting, and honoring children that cross her path is a higher calling.
11. She understands that her anger, sadness, and pain are also useable fuels when re-channeled and re-channeling creates deep healing.

The Healing Hearts Retreat

A Seven Step Personal Transformation, Empowered Woman, Manifest 2017, Womanist Empowerment

The Healing Hearts Retreat

There are two dimensions of life, the Universal and the Personal!


The Healing Hearts Retreat is about discovering a part of yourself that is underdeveloped. It is also about healing the heart by letting go of what no longer serves your happiness and well-being.  You do that by owning and feeling your power and moving back inside yourself, which renews your energy and passion that can fill you with new possibilities for Your Life and  Business.


Empowered Woman, Manifest 2017, The Great Awakening 2016, Ubuntu, Womanist Empowerment

Ubuntu  African Worldview

A belief in the Universal Bond that connects us ALL

Woman Shape Relationships

A key concept associated with “Ubuntu” is how we behave and interact in our various social roles, e.g., daughters traditionally greet their parents and serve them food as a sign of respect and maintain the highest standards of behavior that will be extended or reflected to her family and all the women raised in that family. The daughter is an ambassador. She functions and play that role always. However, this does not apply only to daughters but to all women in general, even among friends and equals such as brother and sister.

Other manifestations of Ubuntu are that it is taboo to call elderly people by their given names; instead, they are called by their surnames. This has the effect of banishing individualism and replacing it with a representative role, in which the individual effectively stands for the people among whom he comes from at all times.

The individual identity is replaced with the larger societal identity within the individual. Thus, families are portrayed or reflected in the individual and this phenomenon is extended to villages, districts, provinces and regions being portrayed in the individual.

This places high demands on the individual to behave in the highest standards and to portray the highest possible virtues that society strives for. ” Ubuntu ” embodies all the invaluable virtues that society strives for towards maintaining harmony and the spirit of sharing among its members.

P.E.P. Talk Virtual Cafe’

A Seven Step Personal Transformation, Back to Nature, Manifest 2017, Virtual Retreat, Womanist Empowerment


The Empowered Woman Course will be implemented during P.E.P. Talks, an 7-week program designed to explore the issues of feminine power and discover ways in which women can empower each other through dialogue and poetry.


*You will be empowered to take leadership of your life

*Develop confidence in your job

*Use your own voice and become visible in society

*Find your mission and purpose

*Define what your passions are

*Develop concrete goals


A Seven Step Personal Transformation, Back to Nature, Empowered Woman, Manifest 2017, Virtual Retreat, Womanist Empowerment

Love and Accept Yourself

Chapter 1 Day 1 The Exile

Part II

Last week her life hit a tailspin and mushroomed out of control.

When anxiety struck,

She was unable to concentrate,

Or find a way to quiet the voices that wanted to deny her a place.

Her family and friends

Became estranged.

She could no longer hang onto the façade.                                                                                      Tired of playing the game of control and consumption.

Trying to live up to the standards of a sick society.

She left her job.

Walked out on her marriage.

Even the people in her faith organization betrayed her.

She had given them over fifteen years of her life.

She scanned the forest for any sign of life.

The only things that reflected were shadows and greenery.

She took out a match and struck it on the box.

Quickly the fire set ablaze.

Her eyes opened wide as the wood began to crackle.

Now a roaring anticipation could breathe.

One more log on top made the blaze light up.

Fire and the night sky created the perfect environment for the unfurling of her pent-up rage.