Carriers of The Culture

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Re-Imagine Feminine Leadership
Women Shape Culture

Today’s Woman wants a measure of freedom. A place that she can test her wings. It is in the classroom where she practices for her solo flight.

On the take off she organizes and instruct. Her pupils are the subjects upon which she inspires by her lead.

Students love her. They call out her. Little Emanuel wants all her attention and will do most anything.

As the cultural icon that shape human life, Woman has a tremendous responsibility.
She reads her script. Make it come alive and do a wondrous thing.

Unfortunately, most times she has her wings clipped by the looming ideas of what education should look like.

The American Educational System is designed for the white male to succeed. His curriculum sheds light on his accomplishments and his mode of learning.

Oftentimes this model does more damage to a fragile psyche of a growing child. That which was established is the 1950’s has outlived its’ usefulness.

I like the model of the Chinese Educational System. In this system, the child’s first few years of school are dedicated to students learning the skills necessary for socialization and getting along with his peers and teachers.

There is less emphasis on testing until the intermediate years.

On the other hand, The American Education System does a dis-service both to children and educators.

New teachers are sent to low performing schools. It takes at least seven to tens years to become a seasoned veteran.

While the teacher learns the students receives second to best and his needs are pushed aside.

Let’s reimagine for a moment the task before women.
We women carry the Culture in our hearts and it is Heart to heart that children learn.

We are the Culture carriers passing on the intelligence needed to reconstruct society.

The Empowered Woman’s Course is a P.A.N.A.C.E.A., a universal cure for the plight of women.

It provides a paradigm through which women can truly see.
It allows the natural feminine essence of women to shine.

We have allowed men to guide human life. Unfortunately they are ill-equipped for this work.

I propose that we women look through the lens that acknowledges the feminine aspect of life.

This is a Feminine model of leadership which will be discussed in the next post.


“The Rhythm of Life”

Building a Strong Inner LIfe through Poetry & Talk, Imigination

#Poetic Spirit




MYO… Connects You to the Power in the Universe!

From There, the Sound compels the Doorway to Open,

Enter the Vast Inner Realm of Life.

Experience Unconditional Love, Peace and Happiness

Close your Eyes.

Take a Deep Breath,

Bring your Heart, Mind & Body into Alignment,

 Put Your Finger on the Pulse and Feel the Beat,

“The Rhythm of Life”.

Plunge into the Depths of your Womb.

The Soft, Warm Place where Life began.

The source of Feminine Power.

Gain the Strength to Face any Obstacle,

Courageously and with Compassion.

Take another Dip into this Fountain,

Bring a Cool Drink of Water to your Lips.

Let it slowly Empty into your Womb;

Meditate upon Love, Peace and Happiness

As the Water Renews Your Spirit.

Bringing Awareness back to your Body!!!

You have gained the Determination to keep Moving

Even though the Ways Seem Unclear!



Building a Strong Inner LIfe through Poetry & Talk, Imigination, My Internal Life, Womanist Empowerment

I was listening to a Creative Visualization video the other day.

I closed my eyes and decided to go along for the ride.

I sat back and got comfortable on my sofa.

I looked inside my mind.

The way one does when one wants to think.

I saw a glowing ember and followed it in.

It took me to a place inside myself.

The voice on the video told me to find a struggle.

This was easy because living on the edge I am always in the midst of a struggle.

I looked deeper at the issue that I am now facing and split it open to see what was really inside.

What was holding it together, and made it impossible for me to break free from.

I cut through the skin, it was the toughest.

Now I was able to peel back the legs and dissected it like a frog.

I pinned the legs and the belly back to look inside.

There was a blockage staring back at me.

It was a deep dark hole that I was scared to look in.

I started to crawl slowly because if it was inside of me making me behave a sort of way then I wanted to look at the monster and send it back to its black hole.

Why I am stuck in low-paying jobs, feel like I do not have respect?

Why at fifty-five I am not living comfortably as the calendar says I should.

I bought into this reality for me since I did not have one of my own.

I adopted it like a stepchild.

This lie staring at me had to go;

It would not bring me happiness.

I had to use my imagination to create a life I would love.

Like a little girl with the world at my fingertips.

I could have anything I want.

What did I really want?

What do I want to do with my life?

I could create a life of my dreams.

It is during a Creative Visualization session that I imagine a life of love and beauty of peace of financial freedom,

Where all my bills are paid.

I can travel and vacation and I can be at peace with whatever has happened in my life.


Building a Strong Inner LIfe through Poetry & Talk, Imigination

Home Alone

I sat on the couch curled into a ball. I felt abandoned and alone, unloved and worthless and thought my mother did not care. I was alone. The air swept over me like a prickly blanket when my she walked out the door.

It was a Sunday morning like any other, the day we usually spend in church. The only difference being, I wanted to stay home and watch Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. I asked my mother if my little brother Anthony could stay with me. She said no. I thought I would be ok if I stayed home alone.

I stuffed my feeling deep inside. It was unbearable to think that my mother did not care. When she came back from church not a word did she say? Life went on as usual. I ran out to play.


Imigination, New Millennium Poetry

There is a voice, which is quiet.

Pay attention and you will hear.

There is a presence inside of you,

That connects to the wisdom of the world.

There is a voice so clear,

It cuts through the mindless chatter.

Align your heart and embody this voice,

The one who knows,

Who is aware?

The presence looking out,

Sees far into the future

Back through the past

At this moment is keenly aware

As I write the words

The presence guides me

As I wake in wee hours.

So happy to be alive

So happy to speaks.

In addition, will not rest

Until the words form on the page.