EW Module V Align With Your Feminine Power

A Seven Step Inner Transformation, Building a Strong Inner LIfe through Poetry & Talk, Chronicle the Black Woman's Rise, Empower Womyn, Feminine Power

Part V Ways of the Feminine

Arouse your feminine essence.

 Feel centered, open and attractive

From your lower body

Which is weighted

And connected to the earth.

This is the power of the feminine essence.

Move away from masculine energy.

With upper body movements

Shoulder gestures which are Hard, rigid and directive.

The female energy point…

Is the center of the pelvis the

“womb space and down the legs.”

Activate the energy in your hip movement,

Soften your heart and send love

Journal Activity:  Respond to the Poem and chapter; create a poem and written or verbal response to the chapter. Post this on my Facebook page.

EW Module II Align With Your Feminine Power

A Seven Step Inner Transformation, Chronicle the Black Woman's Rise, Feminine Power

Part IV Sources of Feminine Power

Do you want for something more? Are you restless? Does anxiety seem to take control of your mind?  Do you wonder what is happening? You are awakening to the possibilities of having much more. You are not sure what is happening, but you want more than what you have now.

The gap between who we are and the ability to realize your full potential is within your reach. By looking at your feminine essence as a new source of feminine power, you can begin to close the fissure between men and women and discover your full feminine power.

When you awaken to your feminine power you can begin to co-create with life. The belief you have in yourself will grow stronger and the contribution you give to the world will give you purpose and selfconfidence.

The power you seek is inside of you. Access this power and move past personal patterns. When you learn how to access your feminine power, you will begin to see the world differently and live life from an expanded view.

First, you will learn how you can access this power. Secondly, you will discover a loving relationship with yourself then with others and lastly you will understand how to create and cultivate an alternative power source.

Power is about evolving beyond beliefs and your world-view. Mindfulness training will liberate you from old patterns and the inner glass ceiling. It will be taught during the Mindfulness Training in Step four.

You will learn how to look at your thoughts and watch them without attaching and labeling them as (mine). Your emotions will no longer be an issue as you learn the nature and patterns of your behavior and liberate yourself from them.

Mindfulness will lead to a break through to the other side where you will find freedom, and your real self. As you shift the beliefs you have about yourself and learn the power of relatedness, you become the person you were always looking for. Become a loving mentor to your younger self and clearly see a new way of showing up.

Another aspect of power is in co-creating with life. Learn how to cultivate a positive relationship with the energy and intelligence of the Universe. We women yearn to realize our highest destiny and utilize our gifts and talents in the pursuit of life where we can experience its’ fullness. When you unleash your voice in the world, you will be able to navigate to a future that does not exist. Even though you do not know what it looks like, faith will bring the confidence that is needed.

When you make a shift from your goals and focus on creating results and step into a full partnership with life, power will well up from the depths of your life. This is how your deeper desires will be unleashed. Faith will give you the courage to take the risk, and even though you do not know how everything is going to turn out you will trust in life.