Sacred Earth

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The dark fertile soil
Has been around
For many moons.

It’s texture
Inviting to the touch.

Walk on the moist green grass
Feel the moisture
Your toes
See small remnants
Of grass
Caressing your feet.

Spread out
Beyond infinity,
Touching , intertwining
Creating a
Holding space
For life
To emerge.

The earth
Is the Mother,
Life giving
Care Taker
Sustains all life.

To be honored
Loved and cared for…

You are the earth
Life giver

The Soil Beneath Your Feet

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This is the Time
To reconnect to the food you eat
The very source of life.
The substance that sustains
Your well being.
Let us reconnect to the soil,
Put our fingers in the dirt.
Feel the ground below our feet.
The air on our cheeks.
Let the wind rustle in the trees.
Blow leaves
That fall to the ground.
Remember the source,
From which you came.
Crawling on four,
Then your two feet.
It is time to honor
The earth.
Comes from the soil.
The green leaves
That nourishes your soul.


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THE UNITY OF ALL THINGScropped-4c2a7a42-f2f4-4b21-aaef-17c7b458f5912.jpeg.

Swirling like a spiraling apex.

I grasped for something to hold onto,

A finger; a hand,

A grounding device,

To stop the world from spinning.

My mind affixed to…

A Blackness,

Like being in the Center of the Universe,

No light could penetrate.

Like Outer Space,

Beyond the Stars.

On the “Bottom of the Ocean Floor”.

Before I was implanted in my mother’s womb.

Earlier when an egg and sperm United.

Prior to when words began to appear.

There is a Place.

Where we all came from,

Before we were separated

On planet Earth.

After a flash of Light.

When I was created.

And searched for the….

“Unity of All Things.”

Forest Therapy Walk

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Forest therapy walks are not hikes in the traditional sense. An entire walk is typically 2 to 4 hours in duration and often covers no more than a quarter mile distance. In that short distance, most people experience contact with nature in a much deeper way than they ever have prior to the walk. On Forest Therapy walks, people have a wide range of experiences, some of which they feel are significant, even profound.

These walks follow a standard sequence. Each walk begins with establishing embodied contact with the present moment and place. Next comes a series of connective invitations, often improvised in the moment and adapted to the needs of participants. These may be followed by wander time and/or sit spot. The walks end with a ceremony of sharing tea made from foraged local plants.
Forest Therapy Walks