Empowered Woman Part III Nonfeance

A Seven Step Inner Transformation, Empower Womyn, Healing Arts, My Internal Life, Spiritual Awakening


Non-Feance is Failure in doing; especially that which is essential for Happiness & Emotional Well-Being.

“If you bring forth what is within you,”

“What is within you will save you.”

“If you do not bring forth what is within,”

“What is within you will destroy you.”

My Young Life

My father always said, “obedience is better than sacrifice.” I never knew what he meant. But today I know that every one of us have come to earth to fulfill a mission and if we fail to satisfy it then our lives will experience unrest. It’s like living life aimlessly, going to work, coming home only to do it again without any significant purpose.

Most of my young life I lived under the protective arms of my father and mother. They took care of my basic needs. I learned to depend on them. I never questioned their intentions or the intents of the adults around me. I believed in the Bible and its’ teachings and the Church as the living embodiment of all that is good. I never thought much about my life. I just lived and followed the direction of the adults around me.

Growing up and going away to college brought freedom from the scrutiny of my parents. I started to feel as if something was not quite right. I enrolled at the local Community College and my eyes began to inquire into the meaning of God and Life.

In a Philosophy class, the college professor posed a question. He asked what would change your perspective about life. My answer was. What if there was no God? To be continued.

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