Module 1 Powerful Purposefulness

A Seven Step Inner Transformation, Chronicle the Black Woman's Rise, Empower Womyn

Part 111

Really There is a Non-Self.

Our roles and self-image are tentative without permeance. We identify with our habits, thoughts, feelings, and personality, but these are subjective and bound to change. We may be sick one year and healthy or depressed the next. Therefore, we may respond in a different way. Nevertheless, in truth, our natures are not fixed. Begin to see the self as untrue and only a concept.

The Universal and Personal Dimensions:

Our lives have both a personal and universal dimension. These are the two truths we must respect if we are to be happy and free. Freedom comes when we do not cling to one state of mind but see the totality of the experience. We are spiritual beings that have a human form. It is a multilevel perspective that beseech you to step back and examine the situation.

The Universal Dimension is the Big Picture.

It reminds us that all things on earth are transitory and tentative, appearing out of emptiness and then disappearing. We are here to grow in wisdom and compassion and walk on the path of awakening. From the Universal Perspective, all things are born, and they will die. Death comes to our best friends and our parents, sometimes to our children. On the other hand, the Personal Realm of life is in the sacredness of form, our human bodies. We must respect the body and its limitation.

When I am confronting a difficult or challenging situation, this thought comes to mind: “this too will change.” I then align with the universal perspective of life, and rest in consciousness, and watch the pain fade away.

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