Becoming Present

Womanist Empowerment

On Becoming Present.

Live fully in the now.

Turn off the automatic pilot.

A-fix eyes on what is before me.


Open my heart

To the experience.

Suspend judgement

For the moment.

Let the situation pass.

Grasp the significance.

Try to understand.


In the grand scheme of things.

Like a river flowing

Over rocks

Through cracks.

For a moment seems like a detour.

But always on the path

That leads to the

Great Ocean

Of Awareness.

Akin to God.


The Subconscious Mind

Now understood.

Why I only

Use a fraction of my brain.


All things out of my awareness.

Heart beat,

Lungs breathe

A constant temperature

That warms my inside.


All memories,

All joys

And failures

Kept out of my immediate awareness

Come to the surface

To render me aid.


But now I look to see

What is buried in my


That I no longer need.


Like leaves that fall off when they are dead.

Release that which is dead to me,

Causes me to suffer or bring me unhappiness.


As I sleep put into my

Subconscious what I want tomorrow to be.


A day of delight and wonder.

A Discovery of dreams

As they become real.


In this moment.

Is all I have

To be

Fully alive.

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