Transform The Hurt in Your Heart.

Back to Nature, Building a Strong Inner LIfe through Poetry & Talk, Chronicle the Black Woman's Rise, Empowered Woman, New Millennium Poetry, Womanist Empowerment, Womanist Leadership

Transform Family Karma Through the Spoken Word

Unconditional Love is what I searched for.
Conditional Love is what I received..

Happinesses is tied to self-worth and acceptance.
Which eluded me most of my life.

I traveled the world.
Looking for Love.

Saw how family dynamics
Shaped me.

Did a 360,
Ended up at the same place.
But with a different mind-set.

Understood the pain
In my heart,

Took pen to paper
Healed With the
Spoken Word.

Created a New Reality
That accepted
Me just as I am.

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