Transform The Hurt in Your Heart.

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Transform Family Karma Through the Spoken Word

Unconditional Love is what I searched for.
Conditional Love is what I received..

Happinesses is tied to self-worth and acceptance.
Which eluded me most of my life.

I traveled the world.
Looking for Love.

Saw how family dynamics
Shaped me.

Did a 360,
Ended up at the same place.
But with a different mind-set.

Understood the pain
In my heart,

Took pen to paper
Healed With the
Spoken Word.

Created a New Reality
That accepted
Me just as I am.

How to Transmute Your Source of Suffering

Womanist Empowerment

Transmute the “Source of Suffering”.

Like a shadow,
Everywhere I go
There it is.

I wake in the morning
To the sunrise,
Lay in Bed for a moment.

There it is.

A nagging sensation,
Not sure what it is.
Until it reveals.

A family discord,
Is where most evil live.

Grows up besides you.
Lives in the same home.
No where to run.
It follows you home.

For a moment
I think it has been satisfied.

Like a hungry ghost,
It can never be.
Until it destroys every thing.

This morning.
In the quiet of day.
My heart opened.
Poured out the hurt
I let bleed.
So it can be healed.

I looked at the source of my anger.
It was hurt that I could not show.
So it hid behind negativity.

There it could live.

No, I wanted to change this feeling that had been revealed.

What was this struggle
That I was engaged in?

I’ve been here many times before.

I can change this.
I can meet pain
Look at it
Then release
The hold it has over me and my happiness.

Like looking in a mirror .
My brother showed me what I could not see.
Anger, hatred and negativity.

Was the force controlling my happiness
If I wanted to be happy
I had to let it be.

Empowered Over Hatred, Anger and Negativity.

I Looked honestly at the situation
That Revealed to me
How I hated those who abused their power,
And saw the suffering that it caused.
A old wounds began to bleed once again.

Today I looked at hatred, anger and fear
and let it not deter me from my happiness.

Seeing clearly what is in front on me,
How those most close can bring clarity, honesty and freedom
Then negative emotions can be released.

Negativity, Hatred and Fear.
no longer have Control over me.