The Changing Nature of Belief

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Time Bodies

The Changeful and unstable nature of reality.


Why put all your trust and belief?

“I am”

“I exist”

Is all you need to identify.

Did you choose false assumptions as a kid?

“I am the body” “I am in this skin.”

Not part of your original identity,

Selected along the way

Tucked neatly in the back of your thoughts.

This attachment to the fleeting phenomenal gives rise to the


Who does not exist.

It’s something you made up

As a substitute for the truth.

Like children in play.

A natural tendency to make believe,

A young mind

Not able to fully grasp the truth.

Who is this “I”?

The person we take ourselves for.

Is just an idea.

If you study and learn as a person,

You only function as a person.

Awaken to the truth.

You then start moving as the whole.

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