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The Oneness Life and The Environment

Seeing Life through the lens of another Culture
I find the words to name a thing

The English Language
Does not hold the imagination
Of other nations

So like a traveler
On a journey
Going to places
That helps me to understand
My life and the environment
I find myself in.

Today I looked inside myself and realize
From whence I come
I look at the place I find myself in
And wonder

I went outside
To nourish my plants
A small measure of coffee grounds
Some epsom salt for a plant that has withered
Trying to thrive

I looked at this bush and it’s roots
I went inside to get my ax
I started chopping and this bush
Which has died but still
Tries to live

I began to uncover the roots buried under ground
Each time I swung the ax
A small measure of hurt I began to release

I saw the doubt wither away
I saw the anger turn to sweat
As it appeared on my face
I wiped it away
And can continued to
Unearth the roots

The roots of my anger
The roots of my disgust
The roots of my doubt
And limiting beliefs
We’re all shattered to pieces as the lies,
Revealed themselves.