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Enter into the unknown.
It’s like looking through a door.
That has never been opened before.

You step through the opening,
Spread out your fingers
And feel your way through.

There’s nothing there
Except the chilling
Feel of the air.

Take one long breath,
Look back over your shoulder
See the path you’ve taken.

The jagged edges,
Snarling teeth,
Vicious bites.

A little breath escape, The hair on your arm
Sends an alarm, Your heart begins to race.
You want to turn back, You’ve come much further
Than before, Another step, you stumble
A large tree appears and you grab hold.

And begin to climb,

Small steps.

Giant leaps.

Practiced all your life.
For this.

At the top
The sky begins to clear.
You see which way to go

Out-stretch your arms
Be liftedup
Be carried to your destination.

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