Back to Nature, Womanist Empowerment

THE UNITY OF ALL THINGScropped-4c2a7a42-f2f4-4b21-aaef-17c7b458f5912.jpeg.

Swirling like a spiraling apex.

I grasped for something to hold onto,

A finger; a hand,

A grounding device,

To stop the world from spinning.

My mind affixed to…

A Blackness,

Like being in the Center of the Universe,

No light could penetrate.

Like Outer Space,

Beyond the Stars.

On the “Bottom of the Ocean Floor”.

Before I was implanted in my mother’s womb.

Earlier when an egg and sperm United.

Prior to when words began to appear.

There is a Place.

Where we all came from,

Before we were separated

On planet Earth.

After a flash of Light.

When I was created.

And searched for the….

“Unity of All Things.”