Chronicle the Black Woman's Rise, Womanist Empowerment, Womanist Leadership


My awareness of womanism is entrenched with my want to create a new language from my experience as a woman through Poetry and as a Word-Press Vlog/Blogger. Through these mediums, I authenticate my life and reconstruct the story of women in society.

Womanism is an idea about how I create a new language from my experience in a society that does not value my life. It is a way to value and validate my own experiences through writing and telling stories.

In addition, my stories reflect my aspiration and ideas not only about my life but my community and ultimately the world.

As a woman, I want my voice to be heard in the society in which I live, in the way children are educated and the way women are respected in that society.

Writing and Vlogging is a way to express the ideas of the time. It is a medium that is timeless and has the potential to inspire not only the immediate generation but many generations to come.

With the advent of the internet, Vlog has become possible to reach across the world to a massive audience. There are immediate effects and a lasting effect that it has on women.

The long-term goal is for women to begin to see themselves as powerful, and appreciate feminine values such as cooperation and harmony and bring these values to relationships and the marketplace and ultimately the world.

This creates Woman’s Culture which is important in creating and sustaining the consciousness that leads to lessening the gender gap.

In this light, Womanist Culture is linked to political outcomes and political activism.

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