Embrace The Way

A Seven Step Personal Transformation, Back to Nature, Building a Strong Inner LIfe through Poetry & Talk, Chronicle the Black Woman's Rise, My Internal Life, Womanist Empowerment



Embrace the Way

During my morning meditation,

I lay underneath my blankets.

Breath enters through my nose,

And exit by way of my mouth.

Cucumbers refresh my eyes.

My mind is akin to…

Fast roadways roaming,

Thru mid-morning trade.

My life stretches out in front of me.

Like words floating in mid-air.

I turn and observe

From an expansive viewpoint,

Yet sorrow commands my eye.

It has put down roots,

Walls and a roof,

Filled the room with sadness.

Emotions pushed to the extreme

Creates an opening,

That has let light in.

I thrust past the pain,

Into the vast morning sky,

Scattering teardrops,

That fall.

Flowers grow

Where once were only weeds.

Thriving amidst

 The unforgiving truths

That had been part of my life.

Vision Board Retreat

A Seven Step Personal Transformation, Chronicle the Black Woman's Rise, Empowered Woman, Womanist Empowerment



A series of three seminars with a multi-discipline approach,

Using Visual Arts, Poetry & Drumming

The participant will discover her source of feminine power and how to show up in an authentic manner utilize a 7_Step Inner Transformation.