Digging to the Core of the Earth to find the… Seven Keys that Open the Door to the Vast Inner Life.

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How you can use your mind to break through the many layers of earth, of self. The first layer, the one closest to the surface is where you must exert the greatest power, the power of spirit, of emotion, of mental and physical to break through delusions and darkness and journey beneath the earth to find the seven keys that open the door to the vast inner life.
Deep below the surface of the earth, in darkness, spirit grows stronger, till the time ripe with the fullness and fruit of life to emerge into the waking state into a Powerful Presence that breaks free from the illusions of the lesser self to reveal the power of the feminine. The power that moves the wind, that spins the earth on its own axis; the invisible power in the universe, some call God, I call the Human Spirit.
Spirits true nature is knowing; for in dark souls bump one into the other striking blindly at an imaged foe, unable to see clearly in anger, or delusions.
Three layers down from the surface of the earth reveals a calmness. Out of the storm, in the center there’s peace. One can see where the next storm is coming from, rendering you better prepared to hold on in the face of changing reality. There’s a knowing that pulsates out of immediate awareness, sitting mindful you’re able to discern the subtle movements of this nature.
You can visualize your way out of harm’s way into another tale because you’re the one writing the story; from your vantage point which is below the storm with an expanded awareness of how to solve the problem and which way to go. You are filled with wisdom and courage. You can discern reality as it unfolds from a detached state of mind like the dawning of day, light floods your way illuminating the path before you. Take one step then the other till you are at your destination.
One layer down you discard anger and rage, and delusions, all have been burned away in the fiery core of earth. All that remains in the essence of you. A solid inner self adorned with jewels sparkling like the night star, radiant.
You arrive clothed in righteousness, justice, love, compassion and wisdom. You ascend back to the surface of the earth, born again, all your outer garment of suspicion, fear, hatred have been stripped bare, what remains is the essence of you. Your true nature.


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Ubuntu  African Worldview

A belief in the Universal Bond that connects us ALL

Woman Shape Relationships

A key concept associated with “Ubuntu” is how we behave and interact in our various social roles, e.g., daughters traditionally greet their parents and serve them food as a sign of respect and maintain the highest standards of behavior that will be extended or reflected to her family and all the women raised in that family. The daughter is an ambassador. She functions and play that role always. However, this does not apply only to daughters but to all women in general, even among friends and equals such as brother and sister.

Other manifestations of Ubuntu are that it is taboo to call elderly people by their given names; instead, they are called by their surnames. This has the effect of banishing individualism and replacing it with a representative role, in which the individual effectively stands for the people among whom he comes from at all times.

The individual identity is replaced with the larger societal identity within the individual. Thus, families are portrayed or reflected in the individual and this phenomenon is extended to villages, districts, provinces and regions being portrayed in the individual.

This places high demands on the individual to behave in the highest standards and to portray the highest possible virtues that society strives for. ” Ubuntu ” embodies all the invaluable virtues that society strives for towards maintaining harmony and the spirit of sharing among its members.