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EXERT:  Chapter 1 Day 1 The Exile

She has been exiled from her family.

To a faraway land.

She gathers kindling from a dead balboa tree.

Then sits down,

Satisfied that she has gathered enough to last the night.

There are two small twigs,

To start the fire.

To cook the large bass snared from a nearby stream.

Which will taste good,

Once cooked on an open flame.

This was a fitting place.

For her to make camp.

Trees provide a buffer.

From the outside world.

Where people did not understand her ways.

She looks up and smiles.

Sunbeams pierce through the clouds.

Pain prompted her to leave so suddenly.

At first, bitterness consumed her.

But then she realized,

What a great time to make peace with herself.

She wasn’t afraid!

The woods held no fear!

It was in the city where she often panicked,

And could never feel at ease.

Because she did not fit in.



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