Chronicle the Black Woman's Rise, Empowered Woman, The Great Awakening, Womanist Empowerment

Inner Transformation

In this Great Awakening

I ponder why we experience life through the EGO.

A story that constantly changes.

That is not sure of itself.

Is based on likes and dislikes.

And an idea of superiority.

It is a White Lie.

 That ranks order Humanity on a scale.

Thrives on fear.

This untruth must be stripped of its’ power.

It no longer serves the creation of society.

As a Black woman.

 I have ideas of superiority.

Teaching empowered me.

Over children,

 Who had less power?

I was the dictator.

 Do as I say,

Because I was in charge.

This mentality had to decrease.

It failed children.

Created more of what I hated.

I had become an instrument of power.

Used the wrong way.

Everyone has a purpose and a right to life.

Feminine Power

Does not control.

It lets BE.

What is.

Does not try to control.

Lives in Harmony.

Rides the waves.

Crest and Fall.

 Through my body and voice, she lives.

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