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Mindfulness Transcends

Today begins a new day.

I crawl out of this old skin of anger, hopelessness, and apathy.

Like a beetle that creeps out its’ exoskeleton.

Before that happens,

There must be a transformation on the inside.

A sort of rebuilding of the self.

A shift in awareness from the body,

Which like a beetle creates a-new.

I have been many such bodies.

An infant, a toddler, a teenager now an adult.

Finally, old age settles like the dew on the morning  grass.

Clings for a moment then ascends.

So with this practice of Mindfulness.

You must transcend the limitations of the physical body.

Enter into a Spiritual Body

Detached from the suffering and pain.

Unmoved by the smallness of the ego.

Embrace the vastness of life.

Hold onto the mystery and wonder of the Mind.

Transcend the problems of the flesh

Enter into the sacredness of the

Spiritual Body

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