The Black Woman Liberator of Humanity

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The Black Woman

Liberator of Humanity





In my veins flow the blood of a warrior clan!

Streaming through my fingers,

Words that liberate a Nation.

People were torn from the land,

Scattered across the sea.

Planted on foreign ground.

Centuries have come and gone.

A realization never separated,

Was never lost to myself.

Intertwined in American History.

Rooted as majestic as the Balboa Tree

Branches reach out and liberate children

Who were given over to the state to educate?

Arise Black Woman!!!.

Guide the children

Let go the shackles off their mind.

Release the spirit as the

Sun rises and covers the dark night

Shine on your face, sweat beads

Nurture the seed in your heart.

Shine like gold.

Glistines in the sunlight