The Great Awakening 2016 Part 15

Building a Strong Inner LIfe through Poetry & Talk, Chronicle the Black Woman's Rise, Womanist Empowerment

A Vision for the World: Master the Inner Game.

Paint a picture on your heart.

The world, slightly different from what American Education taught you.

Schooled on viewing the world through your five senses.

If you could not touch it or feel it nor see it,

It must not be real.

Then something magically happened.

You began to filter experience through your mind.

You could think,

And explain what you saw.

All this was well and good,

For an adolescent coming of age in the world.

There comes a time when you realize,

There is much more to this world.

Another dimension exists between silence and darkness.

The vast inner space,

Yet to be explored.

Lives in our wildest imagination.

Out of the reaches of our five senses.

This other place of mind and heart.

Opens at your beaconing.

The world of the human heart.

Electrical pulsations create a magnetic field.

Each and everything connects.

A live wire touches and ignites a flame,

That burns and warm your body.

Greed, hatred and violence breaks the connection.

It is the heart.

 You must change.

To a ring of love,

That circles the globe

Cause vibrations to rise.

People in world,

Flourish and thrive.

Revives the heart of Humanity.

Seven Step Personal Transformation Part III

The Great Awakening, Womanist Empowerment, Womanist Leadership

The Feminine Path

This Chap-Book will launch my on-line course The Feminine Path: A Seven Step Personal Transformation during the summer of 2016 and serve as a benchmark for Building a New Human Community.

It is an ongoing endeavor to create a Culture of Womanist Empowerment through Poetry and Talk. Join me by following my Blog: and post a comment or book review.

You and I will celebrate as we share our newfound way of being and embody this driving force of cooperation and symbiosis. “Put your Finger on the Pulse and Feel the Beat.” The Rhythm of Life.

It is a challenge; I will help you hold the hand of the child within. For that child, anything is possible.



The Feminine Path Part II

A Seven Step Inner Transformation, Chronicle the Black Woman's Rise, Womanist Empowerment

P.A.N.A.C.E.A. for Optimum Mental Health

A Seven Step Personal Transformation

First Step: Powerful Purposefulness, (Finding Your Place in the World)

The essential truth of life is, we each have boundless potential and power to affect change in our lives and the world. There is a bigger vision of benefiting others, which will reduce self-importance. Life then becomes simple and straightforward.

Second Step: Acknowledge the Feminine Aspect of Life. It will bring balance and wholeness to the self as you discover a new source of power. This power is flexibility and clarity in the midst of chaos.

Third Step: Nonfeasance is the failure to act that is part of one’s responsibility and the consequence of not fulfilling your role in life.

Fourth Step: Give Attentiveness to the present with Mindfulness. Real Power is experienced in the present. Mindfulness allows you to connect with the wisdom and compassion of your higher self for better understanding and healing.

Fifth Step: Creative Visualization is the process of finding your inner guide for support and guidance.

Sixth Step: Evolve Beyond Suffering and enter a time of healing: healing that is more about letting go of those things that causes suffering.

Seventh: Align with the Eternal and Universal truth, awaken to the “Law of Life” that simultaneously permeate the universe and the individual self, experience wisdom, compassion, and courage.

Achieve your potential as a human being and awaken your heart of wisdom. Visualize a new story that transforms your life and co-create a culture of loving kindness, compassion, and understanding that will transform society.

Overall, the Seven Steps will develop your awareness and self-identity, enhance the quality of your life, and contribute to the realization of your dreams. In summary, the long-term goal of this Chap-Book and corresponding seminars and webinar are to establish the Value of Woman’s Work and empower a new generation of Black Women who will transform the world.

The second objective of this book is to reaffirm the role of women in society. We are the guardians of culture, which ensure the perennial nature of humanity. Join me as we create a vision of Womanist Leaders through Poetry and Talk.

An important aspect that will aid your Personal Transformation is the creation of an Empowerment Journal. Use it to reflect on the poetry and the step at the end of each chapter. In addition, you can create a video, visual art or poetry piece and write an excerpt that defines your benchmarks, goals, and stages as you progress through the Chap-Book.

You can post your reflections on my Facebook page; Womanist Empowerment or my Blog


The Feminine Path- Part I

A Seven Step Inner Transformation, Womanist Empowerment

A Seven-Step Personal Transformation


Greetings and thank you for the purchase of my Chap-book. I am a Sesheta, Cultural Transformation Catalyst, and Poet. The goal of this Chap-book is to empower a new generation of Womanist Leaders who lead through the Feminine Form.

This Chap-book will explore, through Poetry and Talk, a source of Feminine Power and the Essence of what it means to be a Black Woman in the Twenty-First Century.

My hope is that the reader begins to embody her Feminine Essence as a source of power and heal the wounds of her Emotional Body. This will take you on an internal journey and to the heart of what really matters to you.

As women, we are heirs to a grand mission, that of reconstructing society in the Twenty-First Century. Who is better acclimated to shape society than we women? It is a courageous endeavor that compels women to become leaders in the sector of society we find ourselves in.

But there are challenges we will face in the reconstruction of a genuine self. First, we carry a double burden, one is caring for the family, and the other is discrimination in the workplace. These two challenges hamper the process of personal transformation. Personal transformation demands that one find a place of quiet and serenity from which to contemplate life and the choices that were made and the decisions that have to be made in the future.

To address these challenges, I created the Womanist Empowerment Series and this Chap-Book. This book is for the Woman, who wants to discover an organic source of power which is fundamentally different than masculine power. It is Feminine Power, an organic energy source that transforms and empowers, not control and dominate.

Feeling shut out of Main Stream America, I searched for a way to honor my most creative ideas. The Seven Steps to Personal Transformation were the result. The Steps are part autobiographical, and part Buddhist Psychology sprinkled with wisdom gained through over twenty years in public education and twenty-seven years as practicing member of Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism.

Furthermore, the coming age is one of the Transformations which necessitates that Women be instrumental in co-creating a “Culture of Healing”, that is vital for the survival of all people on the earth. It is healing that is more about letting go of the things that cause us to suffer. Pain is an inevitable part of the human condition. On the other hand, suffering is a choice.

Another important aspect to develop in this, “Age of Transformation”, is Feminine Intuition. It is a deep knowing that will help you to learn the ways of the Storytelling Mind. The Mind loves stories, especially the ones it tells itself. Perhaps an adult unknowingly passed on a story for you. Or, you may have been ascribed to a story in your family and as a member of society. You can decide whether you want to continue to live that story or create a New Story that will transform your life. This Chap-Book will assist you with your Personal Transformation.

We Black Women lost an important connection to our traditional way of life. To gain that reconnection we must first acknowledge the inherent problems we have faced living in America.

The Black Woman’ mental health has been pushed to the rear. Our main concern has been to take care of the family and children which negated discovering a personal identity.

Thus our communities, families and ultimately the world have suffered tremendously.

To help you reconnect with your feminine intuition and utilize this Chap Book to its intended use, a webinar is planned for the summer of 2016 which will help assist you in the implementation of the Seven Steps.

One component of the Seven Steps is Mindfulness. Mindfulness is attentiveness to the presents and what is happening in your body, mind and spirit.

Mindfulness allows you the introspection to realize how important it is to encounter life as it is instead of how you think it should be. This will assist you in experiencing the unchanging nature of the Mind.

Through the practice of mindfulness, you will discover a greater purpose for your life as you awaken, nurture, and enhance the feminine gifts of intuition and second sight.

This Chap-Book also addresses the need for authentic leadership models for young women and the consequence of failing to fulfill one’s role in life. Readers will learn how to heal the heart and empower the Feminine Aspect of life and develop unique leadership skills.

As you read the series of Chap-Books, you will have the opportunity to adopt a feminine archetype for personal and professional success. The most important issue the book will address is the Social Status of Women and the role we will play in the Twenty-First Century