Three Daily Practices that are a Part of the Poetry Empowerment Project

Building a Strong Inner LIfe through Poetry & Talk, Womanist Empowerment, Womanist Leadership

Three daily practices are part of the POETRY EMPOWERMENT PROJECT. They will help you get in touch with the deeper aspect of your life. Do them, at least, three to four times per week. First thing in the morning, you may want to take

First thing in the morning, you may want to take fifteen minutes of solitude. Take time to tune into The Body Intelligence. This may sound like a lot. However, you are worth the time; take it and be with yourself.
During this fifteen minutes take off your shoes, loosen your belt, clench, hold and release your muscles. You can do this in the morning or at night. While you are clenching and releasing your muscles say to yourself; what do I need to realize about my current situation? Listen to the answer. It is coming from a deeper place that knows.
The next thing for you to do is take the time to write first thing in the morning. They are called, “Morning Pages.” It is exactly three pages of writing. Just write, no editing. Again, just let this writing come from a deeper part of you that knows. Strange this may come up. Do not judge, just accept them. It may bring you clarity.
The last thing for you to do is the “Walk for Clarity”. Take a walk-in nature for about thirty minutes. As you walk, pay attention to your internal dialogue. As you become more accustomed to walking, you will begin to get in touch with your true nature. This is the time to commune with nature and the place inside yourself. Honor and love the wisdom in your life.


Building a Strong Inner LIfe through Poetry & Talk, Womanist Empowerment, Womanist Leadership


Education was the means I would use to affect the hearts and minds of children. After attending two educational conferences at The Florida Nature and Culture Center in Florida, I was primed and ready to change the world. At the meeting, the President of my faith organization stated, the educator is the major deciding factor in shaping the hearts and minds of children. In addition, it is the teacher who can help children find meaning and create value with their life. With a renewed purpose for education, I returned to school ready to shape the future by empowering, educating and socializing children. What I discovered was, the teachers in the school I was assigned plumaged the classroom and commandeered the resources. I had none; the principle did give me a two hundred dollar budget for supplies.

I did not find a compadre among my peers. The principal assigned me the most challenging students. The saying was, “this will make or break you as a teacher.” What about the children, were they given any consideration? It was precisely what veteran teacher wanted, comfortable classrooms and easy assignments. This has created a crisis in education, which translates to a crisis in society.

Unfortunately, this crisis has not concerned the policy makers in education. Education continues to thwart the minds of children and turn them into workers for the state. What is society doing to children? We are smothering the creative minds of children with the current education agenda. Children wear uniforms as a process of conditioning and systematic control. They learn to accept the military presence both at home and abroad. Are we becoming a militarized state?

What I did observe in almost all the elementary schools I was a substitute, children acting out and an overabundance of white female teachers. These predominantly black schools are on the Southside of the city. Most children live in poverty and receive an impoverished education. Schools were not the place children received acceptance land over that empowered them to believe in education and themselves. I was disillusioned, bitter and angry. I left the educational field to pursue other interests.

I had grandiose a plan. I formed a non-profit organization, Vision for Education. I was sure I could single-handily shape this organization and empower children and the world would be a better place.  I would create workshops for educator and we would gather and empower one another and co-create a shared vision for education.

This never happened. It was such a far-fetched idea, but I did receive funding from the city of Louisville, KY and also from the Kentucky Foundation for women to pursue art as a way to empower children. I found support and a group of people that worked with me.

Cyd and I planned a yearlong project at her church. The Broadway Cultural Renaissance at West Broadway United Methodist. There were write-ups in the local newspaper and over seventy-five persons from the community attended the first gathering, which included local artists and educators.

I was involved in my local community, went to most meetings and completed a nine-month program spearheaded by The Metro United Way. I met with this group. There were interactive workshops and small group discussion. We were becoming the Change Agents in our community. I was enthusiastic and thought I could help shape my community. My main problem was ignorance to think that I could change something outside myself. I would first have to deal with and heal my emotional wounds.

This second time around I am more confident that I am on the correct path. My decisions are well thought out and come from a place deep inside that longs to make a difference in the world. I have gone through fifteen years of introspection. During that time I healed my deep emotional wounds. This directly influenced the discovery of my gifts and talents which have enabled the feminine aspect of my life to flourish. Buried under the pain, shame and the guilt was a life ready to make a difference in the world.

I am a poet, writer, and educator. It is my belief that we black woman have a unique mission, to shape not only our lives but also the life of our children and the community. I created The Womanist Empowerment Series. It consists of e-books,

It consists of e-books, workshops, and seminars that help the black woman heal the wounds of her emotional body. The secondary goal is to empower the feminine aspect of life and lastly find and identify a feminine archetype for both personal and professional life. This is a direct path to empowerment centered on love, compassion, and respect for all life.

Women shape the future through our relationships with children, both our own and the ones we teach and interact within social or professional settings. When you heal you will gain a source of power from within. There will be no need to dominate the lives of the children in your life. You will learn how to empower children and help them find their place in life. In this way, you become more powerful. You will shape the world into an image that speaks to the highest calling for Human Life.

HEAL THE BLACK WOMAN’s Heart, Mind & Body THEREFORE… She becomes her Family’s Core

Building a Strong Inner LIfe through Poetry & Talk


At seventeen, I was pregnant with my daughter, Keisha. The only support available was with Keisha’s dad. His family was a tight knit clan that gave her a sense of home when my own was falling apart. Leaving her with the Branch’s was not a conscious choice. It was the only option available to an insecure young lteenager. After school, Keisha came home to a family including an Aunt Gail that was her second mother. At eighteen, my emotional wounds were too deep. I had no time for healing. I had to build a life in the adult world.
The Black family has undergone a heartbreak that has never healed. It is a direct result of slavery. There are remnants that continue to tear at our mental faculties. Our mental health has taken a hit. Slave owners split the Black family apart. This created a fissure that paved a road to catastrophe. A support system disappeared and replaced was State integration. Material wealth replaced family and community. The Black woman had to be strong. On the other hand, having a break down like the white female and respite for a month was not an option woman had. Some called her a man. She did not have the luxury of being submissive. Our primary concern was to provide for her child.
Almost forty years have passed. I have been going solo tending to my emotional wounds. How could I trust enough to build a family with compassion and love? A healthy tree stands alone in the middle of the forest. This has been the mantra of American Independence. I was the result of a broken home and a Black woman trying to go it all alone.
I became a teacher thinking education would empower me. I would teach with compassion and love. I found no remedy. Children came to a school from broken homes and the cycle continued. I could not understand their emotional wounds because I had not healed mine. Together we could not find joy or a love for learning in the world we found ourselves in. The environment was a war zone. Each one of us tried to gain control. Children talked about an uncle, brother or father that was in jail. Their family structure had all but disappeared
The fractured Black family has become an epidemic. There is a need for someone to bring it back together. It is the Black woman’s mission is to ensure the continuity of family. It is the home where this rebuilding of community begins. Women gather and build thriving communities that support and nurture the Black child. I know you need support, spiritually, mentally and socially.
This is why I created the Womanist Empowerment Series. My mission is to heal the Black Woman’s Heart, Mind and Body so you can regain respect in your family and relationships. You can heal and live with respect and worthiness. Then you can provide guidance and love for your family, and be strong. Just recently, my daughter told me that she thanks me for being the anchor for her family. I never viewed my life in that way.
I did have an example. I always looked up to my father. He was a minister for over fifty years. He stood on a podium and preached to a congregation. I looked up at him and was proud. He was sort of a poet. His words flowed from his tongue like silk sliding across your shin. I think I am more like my father in search of a platform.
The myth of the strong Black woman is long gone. We need love, support, and an agenda that speaks to our interest and needs. One that will help connects us to a source of power within. That power will heal our Heart, Mind and Body. With so much opposition from outside sources, we have had to be hard. Now it is time to release the emotional wounds that have made us outraged and embrace a culture of healing. Healing that is more about letting go of what causes pain and tend to our emotional wounds, and heal the heart so it can love again.

LIFE IS A SOCIAL CONSTRUCT: Reconstruct the Story of your Life

Building a Strong Inner LIfe through Poetry & Talk, New Millennium Poetry
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LIFE IS A SOCIAL CONSTRUC; Reconstruct the Story of your Life

The current socio-political structure is a construct the white man designed so he would always be on top and everybody else on the bottom fighting for crumbs that fall from his table.

He labeled it Conservatism. It along with the current white-power-structure are systems that have worked together to make black women physically weak, mentally narrow and politically powerless. Subsequently, you want to be a conservative. Therefore, you will always be two steps behind the man, mortified flesh, among the walking dead.

Everything grows. Did you think you would reach a certain level and stay there until you die? To be alive and thrive, you have to continue to grow and improve every aspect of your life.

The problem I see is personal development. We exercise our bodies and minds and leave Spiritual Development all alone. Left unchecked, it attaches itself to disease. This Dis-Ease reveals itself as cancer, heart disease, high cholesterol and a host of other sickness and disorders. The spirit does not know what it is so it makes up something.

On the other hand, it is about time black women sit at the board table, draw up a plan and define what our needs and interests are. This is Social Construction and will liberate you from the story you have been telling yourself and give your spirit an identification and a renewed purpose for being.

If you do not define your life on your own terms, someone else will and you will be living someone else’s dream. Unhappiness and suffering will be your reality.

“The Rhythm of Life”

Building a Strong Inner LIfe through Poetry & Talk

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MYO… Connects You to the Power in the Universe!

From There, the Sound compels the Doorway to Open,

Enter the Vast Inner Realm of Life.

Experience Unconditional Love, Peace and Happiness

Close your Eyes.

Take a Deep Breath,

Bring your Heart, Mind & Body into Alignment,

 Put Your Finger on the Pulse and Feel the Beat,

“The Rhythm of Life”.

Plunge into the Depths of your Womb.

The Soft, Warm Place where Life began.

The source of Feminine Power.

Gain the Strength to Face any Obstacle,

Courageously and with Compassion.

Take another Dip into this Fountain,

Bring a Cool Drink of Water to your Lips.

Let it slowly Empty into your Womb;

Meditate upon Love, Peace and Happiness

As the Water Renews Your Spirit.

Bringing Awareness back to your Body!!!

You have gained the Determination to keep Moving

Even though the Ways Seem Unclear!