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The summer of 2015, a watershed moment when tired old ways give way to new life, a fresh way to live, love, work, and play. Black conscious people such as Dr. King, Malcolm X and Angela Davis transformed the era of White Supremacy, terror and hate, making way for riddance of un-just-laws.

The State gave the order to lower the flag; nonetheless, some wanted it to fly. The past era has been the time of the white man. That season is past. Go and retire to the knolls and let America be. The future belongs to children, those yet to thrive.

America is the land of abundance, where the idea of democracy never really had the chance to bloom. Nevertheless, she became a wealthy and powerful empire on the free labor of an enslaved race. White Culture flourished; Black Culture did not. Black People were not Americans in the eyes of the law, such hypocrisy, leaving a land and building one on the same discriminatory law.

Another America exists under dark skin. Deprived of a homeland, robbed of a culture, children stripped from the arms of crying mothers, women raped by the white man, the black man castrated and hung from a tree. This came from the dark heart of man. This is a history too important to ignore least the victims continue serving a nation with a grand plan.

The killer of “The Charleston 9” wore the flag that reminds that the South covet the old ways at the expense of Black life. #BlackLivesMatter became a movement to strip from the grips the culture that denounces the dignity of Black life.

The killer of the Charleston 9 reared its ugly head and showed the evils of terror and hate. Hatred has no power in the coming light; fear can no longer keep a black nation from assuming its time in the light. Black people will no longer be the target of your malice and fright.

A Black Conscious Woman has awakened to the past. It was a time when injustice and terror enslaved the mind and body of the black race. I will no longer live in servitude to a nation that kills its own black child. A nation that enslaves and covet the hearts and minds of the young; kill in the name of peace; dumb down education so children will not think; wants blind allegiance to a flag of racism, bigotry, fear and hate.

The dark day has birthed new light. Those who came to power by enslaving a black race did not understand, you could not forever hold out the light. Black people are poised to rise past what the ruling class had in mind when Black People arrived on the shores of America. Yours the most unspeakable evil on a people and you proclaim religious right.

Four hundred years later the law removed outward measures of segregation and discrimination. What remains is a blemish on the heart of man.  Greed and power have amassed an arsenal of hate that will annihilate the entire human race.

However, as if everything that rises has to fall it is natural law. Those that were on the bottom shall climb to the top and led the nation, as a phoenix that rises from the ashes of destruction to the peak of victory.

The Black woman has filled her life until it is full. She has to release the past, least it destroy her bright future. She studied the time and the environment where she lived. Read until her head hurt because she had consumed so much knowledge that her life felt as if it would burst. She had to let go of the dark past so her heart would be next to the moon that glows and show her the

way through the darkest night.

She steps into the light, with the wisdom of a people. Pain and heartache she consumed and made it her own. The time has come to assume her place and lead the Black race from the place of demise to the place of honor at a table set for a feast.

I want you to indulge in the plate that I sit before you filled with determination and a lineage of resistance of a powerful black race. Hold the line, be the spine for the Black Family. Take the abuse, take the pain, and transform it into something useful that will make you robust.

Dreams take the time to mature. The desire for Black America to be free is in the wind. Take flight on the idea that you are free. No one can take it from you.  It is a goal of financial and religious freedom, a boundless mission filled with happiness and self-worth.


Building a Strong Inner LIfe through Poetry & Talk


#Age of Transformation

The “Age of Transformation”, is the time to transition from what you know to the realm of endless possibilities and uncertainty. It is a time to believe in the path you must follow. Your destiny awaits; enter the path of enlightenment, and like a caterpillar that evolves inside its cocoon and emerges as a butterfly. You must go deep into the inner field of your life and find your real self.

During this time of uncertainty, become aware of who you are and what you have endured. You were born into this life of your choosing. The obstacles you have encountered made you stronger.

You must detach yourself from the life you have lived in servitude to a Nation that put profits before the needs of people. It is imperative that you do for your happiness and safety and the happiness and safety of your family. The peace and security of the planet rest in your arms.

We are the Earth Dwellers, ancestors of this place, forever bound to earth. The place we call home. The site we spend endless hours in pursuit of material comforts as we move cross the surface of the earth.

An earth suspended in space always turning. Those material comforts can become traps, holding you prisoner in your own reality. There is a greater reality that you must now turn your attention towards.

You will find it in the dark womb nestled in your body. There you will find strength and sense of purpose that will bring you security and peace.

The Earth is our mother, the wonderful teacher. The ground you stand upon is sacred. The air you breathe has journeyed through the lungs of everyone that has ever lived and will ever live.

The water you drink and prepare your food with has existed for millions of years. It has traveled to every corner of the globe and back again. Look out your window and observe the quiet calm of nature. This is a mirror of our true nature

The time is now when you must separate yourself from the ideologies that deny our collective heritage as a People. It is a challenge and you will not be alone. The Womanist Empowerment Series will be the guide.

See your life as Peace and Calm. A gentle breeze across the surface of the earth. You are as majestic as an oak tree. As peaceful as a dove crossing the sky in a soft wind. Find your breath and you will find the calm, tranquil state of your life. Extend your arms out into the sky and embrace the whole of Humanity.


Building a Strong Inner LIfe through Poetry & Talk, New Millennium Poetry

Push forward the Chronicle of Black Consciousness!

Mindful of whom you are!

What you have had to endure!

What your future looks like!

How you can recover your goodness?

Buried under fear and fury.

I Am Black Consciousness

The hope of an enslaved people.

Who would rize from the ruins of a Culture, extinguished?

During the Middle Passage.

Stripped from the Land!

Brought to Foreign Ground.

Had to Adopt Alien Ways.

The Culture of the Captors.

I Am the promise of a mother.

Whose child broke free from restraint placed on her body.

Used anger as fuel on my climb.

Out of the Lowermost realms of Society.

Which held limitations that her gender and color ascribed to from a Racist Society.

I am Resistance to Inferiority; that you assigned me.

Do you understand; You can-not hold down SPIRIT.

I Am Spirit beyond the confines of this life!

My domain, As vast as the Sky.

I Am the Spirit of Resistance to programming the Black woman’s mind.

A Spirit of Love; That will heal the wounds of my broken Heart!

I Am the Queen on her Throne!

Built up by sheer determination.

To push through to the other side of FEAR.

A fear of what you would think of me

A fear that you would retaliate and do something to harm me.

I AM the Dark SKY, the Moon, and the Stars.

I move freely on the Earth.

An Earth Dweller storing what I would need for my journey Home!

I Am Black Consciousness

A Witness to my ancestors death in a hailstorm of bullets.

Swinging in the Wind.

While life slowly left his body.

I am seeds gathered in the Wind,

Carried across the Sea.

Implanted in Fertile ground,

Of the Free.

Liberty is Full Grown.

Living as a Black Woman.


Womanist Empowerment

How can we as a nation heal from the deep wounds of slavery that cut to the very heart of Black Life when law protects EVIL?

The image plays repeatedly in the media. The killer has an expression of hate engrained on his face. Flash to his arrest. He is wearing a bulletproof vest surrounded by men in uniforms. It is a symbol of protection because he is the man’s hero for killing Black Life.

The Struggle for Social Justice continues.

The past few days I have had a nagging headache. I thought sugar was the culprit, because when I eat too much sugar a headache is sure to follow. I took a pill. After a few hours, I noticed the pain begin to creep back in. What the Hell!

Well, this morning, it was back and I did not take a pill. The tension was in my neck and flowed all the way through my left shoulder, running up and down my arm and the left side of my body.

I would have to try another strategy. I started to massage my left arm. Tears began to stream down my face as the knots in my arm came undone. The first thing I noticed was a rage. I called anger by its’ name. I looked back over the past few days as to what could have possibly caused some intense feelings.

The #killingofChurchHouse9 flooded my mind. I saw nine men and women kneel in prayer as a stranger in the mist pulled out a gun and cut them down in a hail of bullets as if they were less than human.

I was in the midst as my spirit lingered in the room. I saw the hate and malice in his face and the terror and fear in his victim’s eyes. I stepped out of bed, jumped in my car, and drove. I saw this church sitting far off from the main road. Suddenly, I wanted to throw a bomb into that building and watch the people scatter in fear. I resisted this evil and hatred in my mind. I peeled back another layer of anger and there in my mind lived the rage of a thousand Black lives who have been victims to this type of senseless hate.

Earlier that day I posted on Twitter about how I felt America was a violent state and Capitalism and Christianity were the two intertwined in a dance and if you did not dance you were reduced to less-than human.

I read a few post on Twitter and it was business as usual. I blasted Capitalism when one tweet suggested that Capitalism and America were the best things since apple pie. I posed a question, which did not get an answer. What hides in the heart and mind of Americans? The part of America everyone wants to keep quiet. Another nameless and faceless person on Twitter suggested that if one would tell the truth people would unfollow.

Again, evil raised its ugly heard wanting to silence the person who would venture out and speak Truth-To-Power. His tweet did not deter me.

Dwelling deeper into the Culture of America I wondered, well how did those in power grab all the wealth and influence and make millions, no billions off free labor. The bloodshed, thievery, and lies gave those a foothold and they hold their shoes on the necks of Black people,

Take the image of the police officer as he sits on the back of the young Black girl at the #BlackPoolCalamity. It is an image of the law holding down and controling the bodies of Black Life.

As I gave way to these images and words, the pain in my head began to subside. I looked into the very heart of fear and hatred.  I let go of the anger and rage that was hidden behind pain for some time. Some of the anger belonged to me, some was part of the collective of fear and terror Black people have felt in response to un-heard-of violence and terror.

The #killingofChurchHouse9 during the #Summerof 2015 was a symbol that appeared and revealed concealed hate and fear that American does not want to talk about, but which kills and produces terror, fear and hopelessness.

Long ago, a person of color did not dare express any anger or rage. If one spoke out, they would be beaten or worse, killed. That fear that was all too real. The Black community has lived with this collective Fear. It is like a Huge Beast holding down the human voice.

Many years of uncovering layer upon layer of dis-ease, I have uncovered many dimensions of my pain and suffering and found my voice. I am able to express my anger as I write and release pent up emotions that were hidden in the lingings of my body.

The image of blood splattered all over the church house floor will never wash clean.  Fellow parishners had to witness this scene. It is a part of the collective conssiousness. It is absolute agony eteched on the heart and soul of a people.

I feel a great loss and sense the effects of the festering wounds of racism. It eats the fiber of my being and leav me with reson to speak out. Speaking out heals the wounds of racism and fear that hold the Black Spirit in hostage. It is time to move beyond suffering and fulfill the mission we were came to earth for.

The church members had to face the fact that the victim of the #killingofChurchHouse9 spent their last life of earth in a white-washed violent upheavel. This killing touched millions of people whose emotions were smothered in an air of hate. The Black people of the #killingofChurchHouse9 are forever gone. Their lives will always be a memory and a catalyst for speking out and claiming the dignity of Black Life. This white man took a weapon and pointed it in the faces of black women and men, unloaded the bullets in a hail of racist, white supremacy, and hate. Bullets pierced to the very heart of Humanity. A place-of -worship, a refuge from the brutality of life has been soiled, no longer sacred.

Every day the media blast people with senseless violence until it no longer shocks us. It is a part of the landscape of American Life. This is #killingofChurchHouse9 is an act of evil. There is anger and there is the rage. Our lives do go on. But I want you to take a moment, pause and reflect if this is the America, you want to protect?  Is there is a better way that we can live our lives?