New Millennium Poetry

Best Friends

I did not have many friends growing up, but recall a few. Dru and I often dressed alike. We both had light brown skin and long hair, only difference, Dru was more developed than I, consequently all the males looked at her. I did not mind because I did not want the attention from those older guys.

I got into so much trouble with her. When I look back it was as if someone else had lived that life, because I could not imagine doing those things. I met her when my mother and father divorced. Mother moved out and I choose to leave with her. I was in 10th grade. We moved on Cecil Street. It was a bunch of us girls around the same age that lived in the neighborhood and hung out together. It was Summer and school was out. I had a lot of time on my hand with little supervision. Mother worked in the morning so I had the day all to myself. 

One day Dru and I was out walking. We often walked to kill time on a lazy Summer day. Usually when we were out on the streets we received a lot of attention from men. Well this one guy stopped us and asked if we wanted a ride. We must have been crazy. We survived getting into cars with men during our teenage years. We had a lot of close calls. 

This one time Dru and I accepted a ride from this man. He was attracted to Dru. We got into his car and started talking about what was going on later that day. He was going to a dance. Dru did not want to go inside so we stayed out in the parking lot in his car while he went inside.

All of a suddent Dru got behind the wheel, I said, “what are you doing”? She said, “Lets go for a ride, we’ll come back.” I said, “do you have a license”? I had never seen her drive before. She drove a few minutes then asked me if I wanted to drive. I told her no. This man had left his keys with us.

We drove around all night then parked his car on some street and went home. The next day we were out walking in our neighborhood. The man whose car we took the day before stopped in front of us and told us to get into his car. I yelled out, “hell no, Dru run.” Dru choose to get in the car with this man. I ran to get Frank and told him what had happened.

While we were riding around with this man he told us where he lived.  It was a street near where we had been walking. Frank and his two friends and me drove to the address and found Dru sitting in the front of this man’s house in his car. I said, “Dru get out”. She got out of his car and got in the car with us.

This in just one time I had been in trouble with Dru. I knew she was bad news. Nevertheless, there was a little excitement and danger hanging out with her.