New Millennium Poetry

Somewhere you lost the way.

Somehow money became the symbol for all that was missing.

Someday you will discover that money will not heal your emotional wounds.

Somehow you have got to stop and take a moment to reflect.

Sometime you may need to get out of the rat race.

Somehow you must discover where your need to consume at such an alarming rate came from.

Somebody started this roller coaster ride and you just got on board and rode.

Somehow your emotions got involved and you wants turned to needs.

Somebody told you that you needed every device and it would make your life easier.

Has those gadgets helped or cluttered your space?

Have you gone to the store and bought more?

Has this brought any emotional stability?

Last night I binged on junk food. It was like a feeding frenzy.

Like ants devouring a cookies, like a flock of birds on bread,

Only there were no crumbs left over.

It satisfied a hunger, but I looked at myself devouring every morsel and it wasn’t a pretty sight.

Nothing I ate contributed to my health or made me happy, It satisfied a deeper hunger, but only temporary.

The one thing about an emotional binge is your emotions cannot be satisfied.

That emotional need had not been identified, only covered over by food.

We have substituted money and things and food for love and security.

We the Emotional Middle Class feed the hunger of a larger animal, Capitalism.