How To achieve Optimum Emotional & Mental Well-Being

Building a Strong Inner LIfe through Poetry & Talk, My Internal Life, Transformational Leadership Project

This is a journey towards wholeness to a place inside your self filled with light where healing is possible. A healing that is more about letting go of the fear and doubt so you can become your authentic self. Enter into this path with quiet meditation. When you journey into this vast inner life you will experience a powerful presence free from fear and hatred. Awaiting in the dark this presence wants to be your friend. Reconnect with this authentic self. But first, face what is painful. The self that is hidden under the pain. You will become stronger. Self- Heal with love and forgiveness; truth and courage. You came from a place of unity and truth, it is where you must journey back to. It is the task you mush accomplish while you are here on earth. Mend the tear in your heart. Go into the source and bring light where there is darkness. Look into the unknown and make it your friend. Achieve Optimum Emotional & Mental Well-Being, first with yourself then with the members of your family.These relationships are mirror reflections revealing the hidden aspects of your self that you may need to heal. Let go of the past and you will find peace, where there is peace you will find healing. Follow my blog for more post on the subject;