7 Mindset Hacks

Greetings, Pamala here

During the Professional Leadership Project Seven Keys that transform your way of thinking will be presented in poetry and prose. Poetry has the power to reveal another way of seeing and being in the world. The Seven Keys are a type of Panacea, a universal remedy for personal transformation.

Throughout the project Seven Keys will be introduced; dialogue and questions follow. In addition, you will have the opportunity to respond to the keys by creating a journal entry that can be shaped into a poetry piece that may be published in anthology by participants.

One of the practices I will introduce is, “Mindfulness,” Mindfulness helps you to recognize and let go of unhealthy patterns of being in the world that create suffering and develop healthy pattern in their place. Mindfulness attention to any experience brings understanding and inner freedom

For over twenty- five years teaching and writing has been a challenge, but it has been the way I have transformed my life from a victim of experience to become a personal guide on the journey to transform the very nature of my life and teach the Seven Keys that can un-lock your life’s full potential.

At completion of this project you will have submitted a narrative poetry pieces that will be the included in an anthology by participants; The hope is that you transform your suffering into joy, fear into love, pain into purpose. The Seven Keys will open your heart and direct you to freedom and happiness. Through poetry and dialogue we are empowered as women and mothers.

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