Living at Higher Levels

New Millennium Poetry

Living at Higher Levels

Our lives as vast as the Sea

Able to embrace the entire world

Open hearts let consciousness be the guiding force.

Experience the world as oneself.

Capable of feeling the pain of others.

Understanding there are cures.

At our disposal wisdom, freedom.

The doctor who has the cure.

The teacher who can teach.

The lawyer with justice in his heart.

Love with compassion

Hearts that feel.

Minds that comprehend.

The world’s sphere contain…

Lives moving to higher levels of being.

Where Is The Feminine Silhouette in Society

7 Mindset Hacks, New Millennium Poetry

Where is the feminine silhouette in society?

All I see are scanty dressed women on my TV screen,

In books and magazines.

Where is the feminine silhouette in society?

All I see is body for hire,

At the right price,

Reflecting someone else’s dream,

Not a true portrayal of me.

Skin-deep beauty copied,

Mirror someone else’s dream

They cast upon me,

Duplicated in society.

I am invisible,

I breathe, I feel,

Yet it does not seem real.

There is unease in society.

Every time I look out.

I see images that do not portray me.

A woman’s potential…

Truth, Compassion, Inner Beauty

Shadows not seen society,

Look deeply into the mirror before me,

See true likeness of me.

This I want to see,

When I look out into society.

Disassociation and the Collective Unconscious:

Womanist Empowerment

During The Middle Passage,

On the voyage across the sea,

There was a time when my ancestors

Would rather throw themselves over board than be a slave.

Some did make it to the shores of America.

However, it was in those dark hulls of the slave ship

That my ancestors sat knee to knee in inhuman conditions

And lost all touch with the world they knew.

It was in the making of a slave that their

Identify was stripped.

Like the story, Roots, Kunta Kinte was beaten into submission!

Your name is Toby,

No my name is Kunta Kinte, and this went on and on.

While the lashes cut across his flesh.

His body began to give way to the pain.

It was brutal; the slave masters wanted the African

To let go of all ties to his humanity.

Therefore, began the stripping of his identify.

If you want to find the source of your suffering your must travel deep into

Your mind and uncover what is buried in the collective subconscious.

See the faces and hear the voices of all the people that have shaped your life.

Sub meaning below,

Everything that has happened to you lies in the inner recess of the collective mind.

During Mindfulness training, which is inner concentration,

You will open your mind’s eye and illuminate the darkness..

Of ignorance and connect with your Authentic Self.

Also during Mindfulness, training,

you will have the opportunity to examine those shadows then let them go.

Shadows are not real; they are fragments of a life already lived.

You must become the master of your mind, and your emotions.

Live again as a child in wonder, love, joy and happiness.

Mindfulness training is a way to look at your experiences,

And liberate your heart and mind.

It affords you the opportunity to disentangle emotionally from the experience

and have clarity of mind.

Sit quietly as an observable,

Like watching a movie.

View you thoughts and feeling as an onlooker.

As if something is happening to your body,

and you are watching. Record your observations.

What is unseen? What is hidden in your experience?

The Fourth Key to Life.


7 Mindset Hacks

It is 2003,

The year of victory,

I affirm dignity as a woman.

Changing the vision American has projected onto me.

The picture is uncertain when I look out-side myself.

I turn my gaze within and see,

Inner beauty, love and grace.

Goodness women bring to the world.

Poetry liberates the past’s effects on me.

No longer doomed by my circumstances,

A life of fear and suffering.

I will live on my terms.

An independent female.

Liberated from society’s holds on me.

I have found my way back,

As water molecule naturally finds the sea.

Belief, trust and love have set me free.

Now a fountain begins to flow

Of words transforming the pain

Into a language we all can understand.

In a time and a place

Where woman’s wisdom

And the human race,

Live side by side.

Thoughts of a superior race

Disappear without a trace

We live in peace and harmony.

Write is what I do

Writing liberates me

Writing brings me Victory.



7 Mindset Hacks, New Millennium Poetry


The Human Voice has the Power to Shape the World.

Moreover, it can rouse the one who is sleeping.

Come alive,

Open your eyes and take in the world.

Enter the way of the one who is awakening.

Realize the true reality.

That life at each moment contains the fullness of life.

That we ordinary humans have the potential to open

An “Era of Enlightenment”.

We can solve any problems in the world.

Make a determination

To move towards wholeness,

Toward completeness,

Towards unity.

And the earth aligns and begins to shake and move with you.

Like that of the quake that happens in the center.

Then moves out and become stronger as it gathers speed,

It shakes and rattles and the entire human community moves.

We are the one body that shifts.

Separation serves no purpose,

Anything that divides has the intention to destroy.

To separate and slowly-kill off all the parts as they wander alone.

Children Are The Light of the Community!

New Millennium Poetry

Children are the light of the community!

Causing us to open our hearts and embrace them as part of the family.

Children are the innocent of the world,

For they have come from the vast beyond.

Children are the hope of the future,

In them shines the light of youth,

With its energy and vibrant smiles.