New Millennium Poetry


Tune in to the Rhythm of Life.

Like lying face up to the sun,

The smell of sea in the air,

Let the waves move you.

Gently tossing you to and from,

As they roll in from the vast unknown.

Close your eyes and embrace the moment.

Your senses awash;

In an instant,

You’re at peace with the world.

Every cell in your body responds to the Rhythm of Life!

There’s a song playing.

You dance to the music.

As the rhythm lifts you high into the air and toss you around,

Twirling faster and faster, you’re like a water fountain.

The vortex begins to drawn goodness.

You open your eyes and welcome the sun,

As cloud and the waters edge hold hands.

The earth and the sky are kissing.

Passion fills the sky; thunder strikes.

Love’s in the air;

You take a deep breath.

Joy enters into your body and…

Infuse your mind;

The essence of you has been kissed by the day!