Power of Purpose

A Seven Step Personal Transformation


The drive to know oneself, the unquenchable desire to fulfill one’s purpose is like trekking across the desert to find an oasis, over mountains through valleys only to see nothing but illusions. The journey’s not complete.

To find one’s purpose, to know one’s self is the only knowledge that’s worth pursuing. All else fades away when the one thing you’ve hoped for suddenly appears, many streams lead to the sea, sometimes it’s a long journey, sometimes a short one.

One molecule joins the sea and it becomes one with the great blue with all the power of the sea. I’m an individual, wanting to see a true reflection, not an image someone has reflected onto me.

What distinguishes me from the other sex? The male who wants to build and see its’ strength, flex his muscles to see which one is the bigger. We women have a muscle too; it’s a quiet and tender strength, like the gentle breeze blowing off the ocean, like the sunrise bringing light to day.

We are the keepers of the Culture, the ones who give life. We mold the future like sculpting clay. Step into the glorious day, sing your song, and dance your dance. Come into the splendor and grace of you, step onto the world stage, not in the shadows of a second male, but into your full womanhood.

In order to step into the light one has to go back into the womb, the darkness where everything grows. There’s unconsciousness also in the dark that likes to hide, like SHAME.

Shame by no other name hides behind walls of anger, she’s dug in deep, uses righteous anger to strike with words so sharp they pierce the skin and lodge in the heart.

Shame dug in deep almost six feet into the intestines wrapping her tentacles around my heart. She began a circular motion, each year getting harder and harder until she was a hard ball on my wrist creating an impasse.

The energy in my body had nowhere to go so it started to break down, destroying me from the inside.

Shame with its ugly nature hid not wanting to look in the mirror of its own ugly ways. She was a trap for the host, the one who hid shame, because shame wasn’t a friend. It’s was the enemy to the heart. A heart so pure that it accepted shame, a heart so strong it continued to beat.

I sat with shame and saw her; I understood how she became so powerful. I sat mindful and aware of the suffering she had caused, and like phantoms and ghost that disappear when I turned on the light, shame had nowhere to go. I looked at her and the lies she told of my unworthiness and dishonor she told that I had brought to the body. I told shame I was sorry and let her go.

Now shame has left me lonely. She was all I knew. But deep down I knew the power and determination of consciousness. The one who knew there was a better life yet to be lived. Consciousness sat in the quiet of day, soft music playing and the sun at her back awaiting my return.

I returned with the heart of a mighty warrior, who gave all it had after being attacked by so much hate. The heart loves no matter what. It will always give until there’s nothing left.  As it takes its’ last breathe, it breathes out into the world.

Creatively she visualized another life, a life she’d written about, that she’s dreamed of, but was too scared to live, now the dream won’t let her rest until it comes into the waking light. So consciousness steps into another life.

She let go of the old tired skin that had started to crack, slowly pieces of the past fell away, and one piece at a times till the new life she wanted appeared.

I’m coming out, I want the world to know, a dream I have of Poetry flowing into the world and transforming the heart.  As my words land in the soft creases of your heart, that small place you’ve kept hidden away some time ago. Step boldly in the light.

The time is now for women to find the true source of feminine power. The power within, the intuitive nature that knows, that cooperates. Women are strong. Hide no longer, deny yourself no longer, claim your birthright and dignity.

I watched my mother give her home to her oldest daughter who didn’t have a place to stay. My mother took in Michael when that sister needed help the most.

We are the strength of our families, our communities. We are the noble women of the world; see yourself as the Great Mother, The Wise Queen, and The Goddess that has come to earth to have a human experience. Let your light shine through the body that you have been given.

My Seven Keys to Life can help you in your personal life, professional life and leadership development. The feminine model of leadership that I honor are: the Faerie, the Wise One, the Lover, and the Queen.

It’s time to usher in a Culture of Healing, a healing that’s more about letting go of everything that isn’t you, all your beliefs and limitation and become your authentic self. When you align your intentions, mind, body and spirit you are unstoppable.

The world is ripe for Real women to claim the birthright to Power of Purpose

Live a wonderful story. Evolve beyond your suffering and detach emotionally from the story you’ve told yourself. Like striping off all the outer garments and standing bare. Stand naked and let the energy of the moon bathe you its glow. Enter a Time of Healing.


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