One DroP of Water

New Millennium Poetry

One Drop Of Water

One drop of water, on a journey to join the sea.

Over rocks, through valleys, trying to find its’ way to free.

It rests for a moment in a small brook, joining other droplets and they become one.

One gurgling sound as it cascades over rocks, around moss, through fish fins and still it travels on.

To become part of the great lake, surrounded by land, then gets scooped up in the fisherman’s net, splashed back, no regrets

Transported on a ray of sunlight, all the way to the big blue sky, high above the earth.

It joins a mist, a cloud suspended over the earth.

rains and sun mix and nurture this one drop of water

it returns to earth, on its journey back to sea..

Out it drips from the faucet in your home,

a drink of water to quench your thirst.

This one drop of water, had the biggest adventure.

It never changed, It was always one drop of water.

It knows its destination, to join with the great sea!!!

A vast deep blue out in the morning sun.

© copyright Pamala G. Wiley; November 2013


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