7 Mindset Hacks

“When the Mind is Open it will Shift.”

laptopimagesAlchemy of the Heart

Perceptual Shift

“Embrace an inwardly-directed approach to adjusting outer experiences.”

1. Accept responsibility for the quality of your experiences.

2. Individuation: Look at every aspect of the self, your personality, your life and accept them as parts of who you are.

3. Emotional Alchemy brings about a sense of self-actualized happiness, contentment, and peace.  


This is going to take work. You’ll need to be vulnerable and confront yourself and get messy with it. It’s tough but can change everything.

The 7 Step Mindset Hack is an open and refreshing view of the self, which leads to healthy alternative patterns of giving and receiving love. As you begin to embody your feminine essence, you will start to empty your mind of the old ways of “Being in Relationships”, and live an authentic life, in your family, society and ultimately the world. 

The Mind

In my research I found the Individual Mind Set to contain two dimensions. One is the Ego and the other is the Vast Inner State. The Ego Mindset is control, dominance, and judgment. The other dimension is an abundance mindset, filled with wisdom, courage, and love. The vast state of life is available to all of us when we transmute fear, grief, and anger.

The seven modules are overflowing with the knowledge I acquired as an Educator with over twenty years in public education and thirty years as a Practitioner of  Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism, which is a “Study of the Mind.”

The Mind in Buddhism has a wide range of meanings. It includes sense perception, verbal and abstract thought, emotions, feelings of happiness and unhappiness, attention, concentration, intelligence and more. When Buddhism speaks about mind, and all its mental activity.

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