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I help women express their feminine power in relationships instead of acting small by developing a deeper understanding of the self, utilizing my artistic perspective on how to awaken the human potential.

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TITLE: Finding Inner Peace

Our Womanist Retreat invites you to enter into a deeper understanding of self and the Spirit through Art Journaling, Drumming, Dialogue, and Meditation-Reflection. Groups are comprised of 7 to 15 young women.

The Retreat is designed to help your get you in touch with and have a perfect understanding of the through self through Inquiry. Which is a way to discover the Truth.

In the search for truth, you will come to understand the ephemeral (changing) nature of things and discover your true nature which is changeless,

You begin to see with your Inner Eyes during the Ritual to Restore Your Inner Power. It is a way to Release Fear, Doubt and Limiting Beliefs. 


Vision Statement:  I am a Poet, Published Indie Author, Print and E-book Publisher; Host @Retreats, and Developer of the Womanist Empowerment and trainer on Ben’s Eco- Farm.


  1. What is the Womanist Empowerment Network (WEN) Ans: The Womanist Empowerment Network was created to offer products and services that support the development of an organic source of feminine power for youth and young women.
  2. Who can use the Womanist Empowerment Network? Ans: The Womanist Empowerment Network is mainly for the female to give her the opportunity to develop a deeper dimension of the self and take the lead in positive transformation in relationships.
  3.  Why choose to empower the woman? Ans: The female is best suited to be the one to transform the nature of relationships and take the initiative and give her best and develop the courage to lead from the front and shape the future.
  4.  How will lives improve as they are empowered? Ans: Being empowered builds the potential within the female to come out with new and creative ideas that have the potential to change the world.
  5.  How will the services provided have an impact on the woman? Ans: The services are combined into Seven distinct subjects.  Each develops and empower the youth to be a leader of a transformation; and of heartfulness. The services and products are offered to youth and young women, clubs and groups to include schools.
  6. How will the female benefit from the services provided by the WEN Network? Ans: The services we offer:  *Help the youth to navigate positively through life challenges; *Find inner inspiration; *Foster better relationships; *Grow long-lasting inner peace; *Bring in new positive thought patterns; *Adopt lifestyle transformations; and *Embrace constant growth.
  7.  Can a youth be empowered? Ans: Yes, if the young woman carries out and follow all our instructions and if she really wants to be in the best in the world, then The Empowered Womanist Network is for her.
  8.  What are the ideas to obtain from The Womanist Empowerment NetworkAns: To bring the creativity and imagination into the lives of the young women using our Personal Transformational Program which has an artistic approach that speaks to the heart.



Branding Statement

Twenty-five years in education and program development. Trainer and commissioned 2nd Lt in the  US Army. Owner and CEO of Non-Profit Vision For Education, Creator of the Womanist Empowerment Network, Published Indie Author and Coach.

Goals: Serve young adults both in individual and group sessions.

Gives P.E.P. Talks and Host @ Retreats and The Empowered Womanist Course, Teacher Pamala at Ben’s Eco-Farm

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Walking Meditation 

In that short distance, most people experience contact with nature in a much deeper way than they ever have prior to the walk.

On Walks, people have a wide range of experiences, some of which they feel are significant, even profound.

These walks follow a standard sequence. Each walk begins with establishing embodied contact with the present moment and place.

Next comes a series of connective invitations, often improvised and at the moment and adapted to the needs of participants.

These may be followed by wander time and/or sit spot. The walks end with a ceremony of sharing tea made from foraged local plants.

The Empowered Womanist 

The target audiences women and mothers who homeschool and women in education. Males are encouraged, but the emphasis is on developing a feminine source of power.

I have developed Seven Steps that will help women develop their Super Power.

The Seven Steps for Personal Transformation is for the woman who wants to discover an organic source of power which is fundamentally different from masculine power.

It’s Feminine Power, A latent source of energy that transforms and empowers, not control and dominate.

My hope is that the female discovers her Feminine Essence, which is an organic source of power found within.

A webinar is planned for the Fall of 2018 which will help guide you in the implementation of the Seven Steps.

You will journal and use art materials to capture your thoughts, emotions, and feelings as a way to express them creatively during a Retreat that is a preliminary for the Empowered Womanist Course. Lastly, their is training to maintain a High Tower and produce a sustainable crop at Ben’s Eco- Farm in Clermont, KY.

Womanist Retreat 

Meditation Walk
Art Journal 
Create a Mandala